Immigration to Denmark & Points Calculator

Denmark is a North European Scandinavian country surrounded by green lands, monuments, natural attractions and ancient sculptures and several other attractions. Apart from its eye-catching natural and man-made beauty, the ‘happiest country in the world’ is also world famous for unlimited employment opportunities and highly developed and fast pace of life.

The living standard of its people is higher than those living in some of the so-called most developed global economies. This amazingly beautiful Nordic Country is also well-known for its rich ethnicity and prosperous culture. Every year, innumerable people, from across the globe, immigrate to the country with a view to live a peaceful life and enjoy lovely sunsets at some of the most the crystal-clear beaches found in the world.

Having said this about the European country, like many other countries, the Denmark immigration procedure is also based on what is called the Points Calculator. It helps determine the eligibility, or otherwise, of an applicant willing to make Denmark their second home.

Points Calculator and Immigration to Denmark

Immigration to Denmark is possible using a points calculator. To successfully qualify and make the cut, each candidate needs to score a minimum of 100 points. These (points) are credited on the basis of the aspirant’s language proficiency, age, education, employment and individual adaptability.

The Denmark Points Calculator mainly refers to the Danish Green Card option where points are awarded on the basis of an assortment of factors. Danish Green Card is applicable for skilled professionals who score well on the Points Calculator. Initially, qualified applicants are granted work permit for three years, and this may be extended for the next four years.

Key Factors behind Points Distribution

For skilled professionals, Immigration to Denmark is possible through points calculator. Following is the distribution of points on the basis of various factors:

Language proficiency: On the basis of his language know-how, an applicant may earn 50 only if he has an experience of working in a place where English language is the primary medium of communication, or has a Masters Degree in English or has appeared for the IELTS and has scored 6.5 in each band. The aspirant may also submit the score for Norwegian, German, Danish and Swedish.

He may also be required to submit a duly attested copy of statement from his very last employer stating the usage of any of these languages which will be termed as a proof for his language expertise and know-how.

Age: Applicants between the age group of 35 to 40 may gain 10 points and those who are 35 or below may gain 15 points. It means if one is younger, he has an edge over those who are senior to him in age.

Educational Qualification: An applicant may score 60 points for 3 years of Masters Degree, plus two years of Masters Degree from a recognized college/university and 50 points for 3 years of Masters Degree, and 1 year of Bachelor Degree.

Employment: A Denmark immigration-motivated candidate may score 10 points for 1 to 2 years experience (must be included in positive list), 15 points for 3 to 5 years experience (must be included in positive list) and 5 points for 3 to 5 years experience (other work).

Individual Adaptability: The candidate may gain some earn extra (but highly useful and valuable) points if he is connected or linked to the EU/EEA, and this includes Denmark, through work experience or education qualification as this signifies his ability to sooner adapt into the Danish work environment.

Points are granted for work experience or educational qualifications, once a person has completed at least one year of study at a higher educational program in a country from the EU/EEA or Switzerland. Total points to be scored are five or at least three years Bachelors Degree at a higher educational program in a country from the EU/EEA or Switzerland points to be scored is ten.

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