Immigration To Denmark Is Easy With Denmark Or Danish Green Card

immigration-to-denmarkDenmark is being touted as the world’s most preferred destination for immigration. Apart from being the most peaceful, most progressive, most transparent and most rich, Denmark also boasts of its immigration policy. Immigration to Denmark is easy with Denmark or Danish Green Card. The immigration policy at Denmark has strategically used the provisions in the immigration policy to allure the skilled immigrant workforce. The Green Card makes it possible for one to also acquire a residence permit along with an opportunity to work. A positive evaluation on the points-based assessment is what makes the migrant worthy of the status. The applications on immigration are subjected to a ranking procedure and are allotted points on age, education, qualification, professional expertise and skill-set. The applicant is thus able to find a job offer prior to the actual call on immigration. Once the Green Card has been acquired the applicant doesn’t need to obtain the work permit and the residence permit. The residence permit issued allows the individual to carry out both paid and up-paid work but it doesn’t allow the person to own a business.


The immigration policy however lays down certain conditions on the Green Card scheme. Under the points-based assessment, the applicant is required to obtain a minimum of 100 points on the basis of age, education, work experience, language skills, adaptability and skill-set. The applicant is also required to have a full health insurance that covers the primary applicant and his immediate family. The health insurance can subsequently be withdrawn once the Danish National Health Insurance is availed.


The immigration to Denmark is easy with Denmark or Danish Green Card but the applicant must first establish his or her financial stability and that he is able to support himself during the first year of stay at Denmark. Documents can be provided in the form of verified bank statement of a recent date. However, if the applicant also has your family along then the bank statement should also show enough finance available. In order to avail the immigration benefits the applicant needs to have education that come equivalent to the Danish standards. The Danish Agency for Labor Retention and International Recruitment will adjudge whether the applicant’s education actually comes at par to the level of education at Danish universities or institutions.


A Green Card comes as a boon to all those who wish to stay or seek employment in Denmark. The holder can initially avail a work permit for a period of 3 years. Similar provisions on the immigration policy are based on the fact that the government wants the most skilled and the most educated workforce to come to Denmark and be a part of the economy. But the benefits come only once the applicant has successfully passed the points-based assessment of his candidature. Once granted, the Green Card increases the probability of a job-offer, social security, access to a good education for the kids and employment prospects for the spouse.

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