Immigration to Canada — What Attract Migrants?

People generally move outside and cross their national boundaries to land on foreign soils drawn by several factors, such as a better life, superior wages, cooler environments, stable government, liberal thoughts of the local residents, etc. certain destinations such as the UK, the US, Australia, Hong Kong, and Canada attract such people no end.

Talking of Canada, it’s would not be wrong to say that it enjoys high acceptance even as it is renowned as a very immigrant-friendly country since its inception. The immigration hotspot has a rather long experience of welcoming immigrants and making them feel at home. It’s been estimated that nearly 20% of the total population of the nation consists of foreign born permanent residents, and new migrants consist of nearly 50% of the Canadian population growth. At the present, immigrates make an enormous contribution towards the country’s national economy.

Express Entry ProgramImmigration to Canada is a procedure by which foreign professionals migrate to the country–either on a short term or a long term basis. The majority of the migrants become the Canadian Citizens. What attracts migrants to the country are its strong economy and excellent geographical location. Immigration to Canada is on its peak. Today, more people wish to migrate to the country of ‘Milk and Honey’.

Let’s have a look on certain factors and know what attract migrants to the country!

Under various easy to follow visa programmes, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the concerned visa body, and the Canadian government take an initiative to assist individuals to get a suitable job, and if an immigrants wishes to pursue higher studies or upgrade his skills, there is also provision for that.

Once a person touched the land of the nation on a legal basis, and if he has low communication skills, he will get complete assistance by the Canadian Government’s authorized and sponsored immigration and employment service center.

The visitor can enhance his communication skills, and if his language skills are weak, he can get training provided by the authorized ‘English Language Development Training Centers’ at no cost. He will be further guided on how to make a CV, how to apply for a job, and also on how to prepare for interpersonal face-to-face interview.

Canada is an active member of many top international organizations, like for example, it is a very active member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and is the most influential member of Group of Eight. An entry in the Maple Leaf Country opens a door of many more countries. A rough estimate says that you can easily travel to almost 70 small and big countries with certain limitations.

For foreign investors and business professionals, the nation is nothing but a heaven. Any Business Plan or Innovative Idea–with the capability to boost the Canadian economy and generate fresh jobs for local citizens–is immediately entertained by the CIC.

Social security and social acceptance by the local citizens is one of the major factors that makes Canada stand apart from other countries. Unlike many other nations where migrants are subject to discrimination, Canada does not discriminate. Actually, it has stringent rules to deal with any kind of discrimination and provides complete assurance of social security within its territory to its guests and all others.

The immigration hotspot is a highly developed country and blessed with unlimited natural resources useful to boost the national economy. it is financially self sufficient and many of its states like Ottawa, Manitoba, Toronto, Hamilton have many multi-national companies offering excellent employment opportunities and superb wages to foreign talent.

The country is known for providing better employment opportunity to the deserving professionals with a lucrative pay package. Best of all is the freedom to prosper in a peaceful environment. If you are in love with natural beauty, then surely the Maple Leaf Country is just perfect for you.

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