Immigration to Canada & Permanent Residency

For the millions of overseas immigration inspired aspirants, immigration to Canada is like a dream come true. A wishful migrant tries his best to achieve the nation’s prized Permanent Residency (PR)Card that allows him to enjoy ample benefits in the nation.

Who is a Permanent Resident in Canada? Well, he is basically a person who is provided with the PR status by concerned Canadian visa &immigration authorities, but who is not a citizen of the country. They belong to other countries, but are allowed to visit and revisit the Maple Leaf Country with this status.

A person, who is in the hotspot for studying or work purposes, is not a permanent resident. There are many easy-to-follow pathways for immigration to Canada that help an aspirant to realize his dreams. The applicant who holds the PR Card ensures that he is a Permanent Resident of Canada while travelling outside.


Whenever he leaves the country, he needs to carry his card along with him, to avoid hassles while re-entering in the country. A migrant, who do not possesses a card, but he is holder of card, needs to carry a PR travel document while returning to the country, in order to avoid any problems.

Rights & Duties of Canada Permanent Residents

A permanent resident enjoys certain rights.

  • There are many social benefits that the citizen of the country enjoys. A PR holder also enjoys the same benefits, including first-rate healthcare coverage.
  • The PR status also provides him with the liberty of working, living and studying anywhere across the nation.
  • Upon grabbing the PR status, the migrant becomes eligible to submit an application for the much sought after Canadian citizenship.
  • He enjoys protection while living in the nation under its Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • To enjoy the benefits, the migrant needs to pay all taxes, and it is also expected that he will respect the laws at federal, municipal, and provincial levels.


It’s not only the benefits that an expat enjoys in the nation. There are some restrictions to his PR status.Hecannot vote for political office and his entry is banned in all those jobs that call for high level security. It is mandatory for the migrant to live for 2 years in the nation out of the 5 years’ time period. He may live outside, but to maintain his status, he needs to fulfill this condition otherwise he may lose his PR status.

Simply living outside the country does not seize your status. Permanent resident in Canada may live outside and come back to the nation whenever he wants. The cancellation of the PR calls for an official process until and unless the migrant has given up hisPR status.

In some cases a migrant loses his status and they are-

  • If in an inquiry, a migrant is assessed and it is found that he is no longer a permanent resident.
  • If a migrant fails to live in Canada for the specific period mentioned in the law.
  • If he is charged with some serious crime and asked to leave the country.
  • He has received Canadian citizenship.

What to do to get PR status in the nation?

Well, if a person happens to be an ambitious investor or a businessman, he can choose the widely used and very useful Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) to become a permanent resident in the country. He is encouraged to make the most of the available business opportunities in Canada, or the business opportunities in Yukon Canada, or the investment opportunities in Manitoba Canada, or for that matter, the investment opportunities in Nova Scotia Canada, to get the PR status in the extensively visited hotspot.

As per some observers on the issue, the PNP is a very good option, to make the cut and move to the country inside a short time and without a great deal of hassles. Such people also claim that the business and investment paths available under the PNP are just amazing and these make immigration to Canada a lot easier and simpler.

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