Immigration to Canada for Stock Brokers Lifetime Opportunity

Today, skilled Stock Brokers are willing to immigrate to a country that has much to offer towards the growth and advancement of their career. If one speaks about immigration opportunities for experienced practitioners, then in the present scenario, the ‘Land of Opportunities’, Canada, is the perfect place for the aspiring overseas immigration-motivated Stock Brokers.

At present, the Maple Leaf Country is facing a serious shortage of these experts as a significant number of these experts are either about to retire or have been given higher responsibilities in Canada. Ottawa is encouraging efficient practitioners to migrate its territories, either on temporary or permanent basis.

These experts buy and sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds, foreign currencies and other securities at stock exchanges on the behalf of investment dealers. Usually, various investment companies, stock brokerage firms, stock and commodity exchanges, and other establishments in the securities industry employ them.

Key Benefits

Lately a remarkable number of Stock Brokers have submitted their petitions for Canada immigration as the country offers unlimited benefits. Immigrants enjoy almost equal privileges extended to Canadian citizens. Some of the benefits enjoyed by Stock Brokers, as a permanent resident, and much like others professionals,are as follow:

  • Freedom to live and work in any Canadian province/territory, except Quebec.
  • A permanent resident enjoys many social benefits, such as free public school education for their children, free healthcare facilities.
  •  He gets an opportunity to immigrate along with their immediate family members.
  • He is free to visit his native country as per his wish.
  • In financial loss the government provides both economic and social benefits. Special financial rewards are provided to immigrants with children.
  •  An immigrant with permanent resident status can sponsor other family members i.e. parents, brothers and sisters.
  • Maple Leaf Country is a peaceful nation with a very low crime rate.
  • Special high standard of life is granted to those immigrants with permanent residency.
  • Once you have spend three years in Canada, you are eligible to apply for Canadian Passport & citizenship

Compared to any other developed country, the Maple Leaf Country has a large number of both temporary and permanent job opportunities for Stock Brokers.

Occupational Titles

  • Bond dealer
  • Broker
  • Commodity broker
  • Discount broker
  • Mutual fund broker
  • Investment director – financial brokerage
  • Investment manager – financial brokerage
  • Stockbroker


The future prospects of Stock Brokers are considered bright in Canada. In a very short period of time, courtesy your professional skills, you can easily earn a significant amount of money. But the job is tedious and you could be expected to slog for long in stressful work environments.

For all those Stock Brokers who intend to immigrate to Canada, they should not miss the golden opportunity of immigration through the Federal Skilled Worker program. The FSW program makes Immigration to Canada for stock brokers all the more once in a lifetime opportunity.

To make the grade and be accepted, the applicant should have a minimum of three years of graduation degree, although a two years Master’s Degree is highly preferred.  It is also mandatory to have completed a minimum one year work experience, and also have undergone training while being in employment.

All the applications of stock brokers are assessed on the basis of Point test system. Scoring 67 out of 100 is compulsory. Each individual is assessed on the basis of six factors i.e. age, education, experience, language proficiency, prior job, and adaptability to foreign culture. Against the backdrop of the fact that the upper limit for the admission of application for the profession is 1000, the aspirants are advised to fast process their applications. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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