How to Immigrate to Canada

If you are not interesting in setting your foot on the Canadian soil as an immigrant, it would be pointless to go on and read this, but in case, you find yourself to be keen enough to know more about how to reach your dream destination without much hassle, you are at the right place.

Do you want to know How to Immigrate to Canada? Well, there are over 60 ways to migrate, but a few of them are more promising than others, especially people living in the erstwhile third world countries, the skilled and business visa schemes.


There is not a doubt that, this time, the things are going to be pretty different from what has happened in the past; the government is more committed to fulfill all its commitment and not do away with its programs midway. The things are so promising that things would materialize sooner than you expected, and you may stand a good chance landing in the Maple leaf country within a short span of time.

The pathways to Canada

To get Canadian immigration visa, you need three things: an intent, requisite qualifications and knowledge of the scheme you may choose to avail. The first two things are your premise while the third one can be easily taken care of by an expert you may hire to assist you in your immigration endeavor.

Federal and the state governments of Canada have laid some of the most exciting opportunity at the disposal of the applicants:

  • Federal skilled visa schemes through Express Entry;
  • PNPs in coordination with the Express Entry;
  • PNPs run independently by the state governments;
  • Quebec skilled and business migration visa schemes;
  • Start up visa for promising entrepreneurs;
  • Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program, etc.

There are even more options for you to explore, but it is your qualifications and other influencing factors of your profile and intent that that would help decide which program would suit your plans, and which you could avail to move to Canadian shores.

There is though a sure shot recipe to success: do not commit any silly mistake or error to dampen your chances. Take some help and approach some experts to assist you through the whole process. This would help you lot of time and risk.

Approach up by filling up the assessment form and get a free assessment on your chances to move to your ream destination.

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