How to Get Canada PR Visa?

Are you looking for fresh opportunities? Are you wondering that where to start from? Do you have something going in the head that how can you excel your life? Well, there might be forces pulling you down and you may not be getting the best of the possibilities to show how competent you are and what best you could do.

You might have questions at the back of the head, but no matter what the circumstances are, and how deeply you have been hit by rejection pertaining to immigration in the past, with this New Year, a new dawn is coming in the picture.

Canada–the place where dreams come true and the best comes in the view–is all set to give opportunities to the skilled to help write their growth story. So, the bottom-line is that movement would come in real time and it will help immigrants seek new possibilities in a new avatar.

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has revamped its immigration programme and they are looking forward to new goals and initiatives to make sure that the economy is able to make the most from the skilled and vibrant minds that are waiting to land in the Canadian soil.

The Express Entry programme   is emerging as a game changer and it has definitely made dreams come true in the fastest way possible, no more waiting years for immigration now. With the Express Entry programme, all you need is just 6 months to get everything streamlined and make certain about the movement.

The reason that Express Entry has emerged as the game changer for PR Visa is because it has been reliable, promising and the most irresistible immigration programme to get things going in the best way.

The starting of the programme last year, in 2015, witnessed some unprecedented milestone ever since the first draw was conducted, and from thence the history is being created with each and every draw.

So far, the Express Entry programme has written the destiny for 12,000 immigrants and some 4,000 are still waiting for the same to happen. The overall scenario stands that immigration will be the new milestone that Express Entry will help achieve, and it will unravel new realms with PR Visa program for Canada.

The PR Visa programme is the new initiative at the hands of the CIC to make amends for the “first-come-first-serve” fiasco and give equal and promising opportunity to the immigrants to not just end up being in Canada but also get citizenship and raise their family in this promising environment.

Now the question that would be popping in your head is how to get the PR Visa to Canada. Well, the most promising way would be through a skilled occupation. Since, the demand for skilled occupation is more, once you avail the Express Entry system, and you have found your job relevant and you fulfill all the requirements of the National Occupation List (NOL), you can claim the immigration.

Once the concerned authorities assess and evaluate the economic, social and cultural benefit that you can bring and they have found out that you are the most eligible applicant for the immigration, they would ask you to immigrate.

Just 60 days after the immigration, you can file for the PR Visa and once it gets approved. You will be given the status of an equal Canadian citizen, and over the period of time, you can use the PR Visa to get the citizenship of the country.

For getting the PR Visa and enter into the pool of 2, 00,000 people who are given PR Visa, you must make sure that you fall in the skilled migration, business class immigration, provincial immigration, family class immigration, Quebec selected immigration and International adoption.

If you are able to satisfy any of these demands, you will be able to get the PR Visa to Canada and help yourself to move to this new country in the best possible way.

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