Historic Number of Indians Gain US Permanent Residency During 2012

In what could be said to be the biggest ever figure in an year & six times over and above the figure for 2011, when just close to 6,000 Indian H-1B holders gained the prized US Green Cards, 35,472 Indians-involved with work activities in the country with the H-1B Permits–were given permanent resident permits during the year gone by, i.e., 2012.

The H-1B Permits are impermanent work permits even as these may be offered to overseas graduates or persons having expertise & experience that correspond to graduate equality to do a job in a specialty profession in the US. Several H-1B holders are engaged with the IT field.

At the present, a yearly upper limit of 65,000 exists ts. An upper limit of 41,455 exists on the figure of the EB-2s which may be granted per annum. Hence, the applicants from India should not gain more than 2,901 EB-2 permits every year.

But, an exception does exist. Since not many nations really utilize their whole quota, the limit is frequently not touched. In majority of the years, there could be more than 2,901 petitions from just some nations, such as India, Mexico, the Philippines, besides China. Actually, there well could be no submissions from numerous nations. It could denote that the USCIS does not gain 41,455 petitions even while the limit isn’t touched.

Redistribution of Unexploited Quotas

When the same takes place, the USCIS will dole-out the extra permits to the aspirants from certain nations like India, which is behind over 7% of the submissions. During 2012, Indian candidates gained from the said system and this explains why they managed to get hold of 35,000-plus permits in the said year.

Even so–courtesy the impressive figures of Indians filing a petition for the PR status–several applicants from this part of the world are still patiently waiting for a much longer time-frame for their visas, as compared to the aspirants from a majority of the nations. Candidates from India cool their heels for close to 9 years for a decision on their EB-2 submissions, vis-à-vis 6 years for the candidates from nearly every other nation.

Applicants from India Cool Their Heels longer for EB-3s

These applicants also wait for nearly 11 years for a decision on the EB-3 (other worker) submissions, vis-à-vis 6 years for aspirants from majority of the nations. A majority of the Indians given PR position during 2012 were provided permits via the EB-2 permit category. These permits are meant for the specialists having advanced degrees.


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