Attention Mechanical Engineers, Use Green Card Scheme for Denmark Immigration!

Europe–when you hear this name, you get swayed by the bright kaleidoscopic views, the aura and dynamism. You always wonder that how best it would be to be present there. But the fact is quite challenging that not all are capable of making it to this place. Certain acts of terrorism and uncertainties have put chains in the arms of the immigration in these regions. You always wonder that whether or not the immigration will materialize.

Well, the fact cannot be denied that the immigration is tough; but there is one more thing that has made the possibilities come by—demand. Yes, many of the economies in the European continent have been experiencing tough days and they are on the recovery stage and require smart workers. So, the same is the scenario with Denmark, and to claim Denmark immigration as Mechanical Engineer, if you feel that it is going to be that easy, you are terribly mistaken.

Though the country has just a 5 million population, when it comes to attracting immigrants, they are pretty selective and cautious. The corruption is the least in this country, so you are always assured that a fair tactics and programmes would be adopted to help assimilate the immigration. There has also been a demand for skilled professionals, so being a Mechanical Engineer, to claim immigration to Denmark wouldn’t be tough at the same time.

But some doubts have certainly cropped in the minds of the immigrants pertaining to the immigration after the Euro Zone crisis. Hence, if you want to move to the Nordic Nation, you would always like to have a look at the economic stance of the economy. This piece will not only help you dig about the economic condition of the nation but also help you get to know about the programmes and possibilities that can help you move as a Mechanical Engineer to this place.

Denmark –Economic Conditions

Economic conditions are slowly and steadily improving and the economic freedom score has also fortified and improved over the period. The score stands at 76.3 making it the 11th freest economy among 46 countries in Europe. So, the scope of investment has broadened and it is a positive sign for all the professions and also for engineers. They can think more innovatively and undertake more productive investment to bring about a change in the economy.

Mechanical Engineers–Scope

There has been a large scale demand rising in the engineering sector and as per the Danish Society of Engineers, there would be approximately a demand for 14,000 engineers this year cutting across diverse sectors. Hence, you can definitely weave pleasant dreams about your career when the demand for Mechanical Engineer, Building Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Energy Engineer, Electrical Engineer & IT Engineer is experiencing an unprecedented boom in this country.

For getting employed and ensuring that you are getting the Green Card, you must have a qualified Engineering degree along with the proficiency level met in English and requisite work experience. If you are able to secure all of them, you can get the immigration streamlined.

Points Calculator

It streamlines the immigration through different method and it analyzes and evaluates the immigration to make it simple and easier for the immigrants. Under the point based system, you will have to secure 100 points for immigrating to the nation. The 100 points would be segregated into 60 points for Master’s degree or 50 points for Bachelor’s degree. At the same time, for PhD holders, you are able to get 80 point but as Mechanical Engineer, you cannot think of that.

Hence, you can at max look forward to the 60 points in the first place. Once, you are able to secure the 100 points, you will be given the Green Card to move and you don’t need a work permit if you have a Green Card while immigrating to Denmark. You can earn on an overall, a minimum of DKK 50,000 with the Green Card Scheme, so it is the best time to encash upon the possibilities and move to this country.

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