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Thinking of Canada PR-1Grabbing a visa is the foremost requirement for entry into any foreign country. An aspirant, who wishes to live and work in Canada, needs to get its visa first. Latest technology has now become a part of everything even as the visa process is no exception. Easy PR Visa Process starts with submission of the application online. The application form consists of personal details. Since honest people are appreciated worldwide, make sure that the details filled in the application form are true and to the point.

Permanent Resident Card (PRC) is a sort of gate pass that allows hassle-free migration to the country. This card gives the freedom of living and working in the named country. This is the first step towards grabbing the citizenship of the Maple Leaf Country. The card allows you to live in the nation for some fixed time period, depending on the type of visa you selected.

If a migrant who is in Canada and wishes to prolong his stay there in, then he can apply for the permanent Residence (PR) of the nation. For Easy PR Visa Process he will do well to seek and get assistance and help from professional immigration agents. Coming back to the card, its validity stands for 5 years. This is a legal document and need to be kept safely. Any loss or theft of the same should be immediately informed to the concerned authorities.

While applying for the visa, the applicant needs to pay online fees depending on his visa types. Then he will be invited to submit his petition at a specific place, on a fixed time and date. In case he has made any mistake or forgotten to fill in something important, then he may rectify it. This is the time when he can update or make changes in his application. Once forwarded, he may not be allowed to make any corrections.

Though it takes 8-10 days for visa processing, in the meantime an applicant can get updates through SMS services or can check online about his status updates. An immigrant can check the processing time and the expected time of receiving visa online by filling his application number and other details.

An aspirant applying through occupation list needs to check that his occupation is listed amongst the occupation list of the country. His age, qualification, work experience, language skills and adaptability to the nation helps him collect few points. Based upon these points, visa will be granted to the person. The more points you earn, more are the chances of getting visa.

Needless to say, filling the visa form is a bit tricky process. Any mistake or fault may lead to the decline of visa or may result in the forfeiting of application. In certain cases, the candidate will not be allowed to re-apply. So, take extra care to fill a visa form carefully. Read carefully about the rules and regulations mentioned in the form. Make sure to carry all originals and specified documents to the visa center on the date of the submission of the application form.

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