Get Migration Permit for Australia, Know How to Do It

As per some immigration observers, Australia holds the Number 1 position amongst the many leading immigration destinations of the globe, what with millions of people applying for Australian visas every year from across the globe. Most of the overseas immigration motivated people want to be a part of this developed global economy to make their life relatively easy, comfortable and wealthy.

Many candidates visit the nation to enjoy its wonderful tourist spots, and/or meet family members or close friends. Some visit the nation for medical or health reasons while many others make a trip to the country to get quality education at some of the best educational centres in the world. All these people seek and get a valid migration permit to Australia for the purpose.

Skilled Migrant Visa is one of the most valuable visas which facilitate hassle-free entry to the Kangaroo Land. In other words, the applicant’s unique skills help him in grabbing the entry to Down Under with these permits. These visas give the opportunity of higher growth and development in Oz. The nominated skill should be covered under the heading of SOL (Skilled Occupation List). Under this scheme, the aspirant is judged upon his educational qualifications, employment experience, age, language skills, and his ability of adjusting in the nation.

Subclass 189 is another migration permit to Australia. It is basically a Skilled Independent Visa which is totally based on the point system. The permit allows the aspiring migrants to live and work permanently in the Kangaroo Land without the requirement of any sponsor. He enjoys the freedom of bringing his family and deponents to the nation even as they also enjoy the same rights as enjoyed by the migrant.

The applicant has to submit an application mentioning his skills. If the concerned visa and immigration authorities find the skill selected by the applicant is wanted in the Kangaroo Land, his chances of getting selected become high. The aspirant’s age should not be more than 50 years and he ought to posses English language skills. The pass marks score for applying under this subclass is 60 points.

Apart from the Subclass 189 there is yet another highly useful visa for the Australia immigration motivated candidates and that is the Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 Visa. Besides meeting the necessary requirements of the Subclass Visa 189, the applicant has to additionally meet the necessities of health and character requirements.

Point based skilled migration is essentially meant for the candidates who are either sponsored by the state or by a relative who is a resident of the Kangaroo Land. The validity of the visa is for 4 years, even as the candidate should have lived and worked in the country during this period.

Under all these permit classes it is essential that the aspirant selects his skills under SkillSelect where upon he will be invited to lodge an application. The application must be accompanied with the relevant proof of the information/details submitted with the visa application.

As per some latest updates, at the present, Australia is battling the shortage of professionals from various vocations. Skilled candidates are seriously wanted in the country even as the concerned body, i.e., Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), is more than ready to proffer migration permits for Australia to trained aspirants provided, of course, if they fulfill the basic requirements.

For instance currently, qualified migrants who wish to make their career in old age care centers, are welcome in the country. Australia is facing the problem of aged population and decreased workforce to take care of its old and diseased people. Therefore, those who are eager to get a migration permit for Australia would do well to move ahead in a rather proper and methodical manner.

As mentioned before, the DIBP is more than eager to give a red-carpet welcome to the qualified applicants. Trained aspirants get a Skilled Worker Permit for Australia; begin the visa and immigration procedure to the world famous immigration hotspot NOW!

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