Get Danish Green Card & Immigrate to Denmark

With crime rate under control, peaceful environment and excellent healthcare facilities the ‘Happiest Country in the World’ is the safest nation in Europe. In the last few years, the number of people migrating to the beautiful European country has steeply gone up. Here, people are friendly, warm, lively, welcoming, and they enjoy the feeling of social security.

Denmark is known for its picturesque beauty, beautiful landscapes, thriving nightlife and high standard of living. In Europe, it has the fastest growing economy and offers endless job opportunities and a discrimination-free work environment–both to its citizens and immigrants. Despite the fact that, in terms of land size, the country is relatively small, it has a strong presence on the international map.

Denmark’s population is relatively low, and the biggest drawback is it has a high percentage of ageing population. Thus, here opportunities are immense and growing like never before. If you wish to call Denmark your second home, then the time is just right.

Why Immigrate to Denmark?

The country is the most sought after European destination, especially for skilled workers. As the opportunities are many, every year the beautiful destination lures 100s of 1000s immigrants. For the hardworking professionals, the nation is a heaven on earth. Here, pay package is pretty lucrative, and for the suitable talent, it is easy to get the right opportunity.

Denmark Immigration–Key Benefits

Following are some of the benefits enjoyed by the immigrants:

  • The country is well developed and offers very high standard of living.
  • For skilled workers there is no dearth of opportunities, especially for the IT professionals, communication and Engineers.
  • Practice of discrimination in any form, i.e., color, nationality, ethnicity and religion is an act of legal offence, human rights are assured and each individual enjoys social security.
  • The nation assures human rights to even to migrants.
  • Immigrants get rewarding and opportunities on the basis of their education, skills and experience.
  • Once you have acquired the Danes Citizenship or Permanent Residency (PR), you are free to live and work anywhere in Europe. In other words, you are a free bird.
  • The country values family ties and encourages immigrants to bring along their family–spouse/common law partner and children. They also get to enjoy similar benefits and rights.

How to Immigrate to Denmark?

The easiest way to Immigrate to Denmark is through the Danish Green Card. It is a point based scheme. To qualify, each applicant is required to score at least 100 points on the basis of various factors, such as age, language, adaptability, education, and experience.

Initially, the permit is granted for three years. Later, it can be extended for two more years. If you wish to become the permanent resident of the country, the Denmark Government has set some terms and conditions strictly to be fulfilled by the applicants. For complete and in-depth information, consult a Denmark immigration consultant.

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