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The European Union (EU) offers opportunities, excellence and dynamic life which have made it the most sought after destination for immigration.

The region follows a different policy agreement, and under it, special privilege is given to immigrants with respect to the Schengen group of nations. As per the Schengen Agreement, one can easily move to any member country in the EU and seek for jobs and other opportunities.

UK Immigration

It is comparatively easier to move with a visa to the UK. To no surprise, Britain has delivered in all respect: growth, job generation and education. So, if you want to hold the key to success and expansion, in that case, the best way would be through a UK visa which one can easily get with specific amount of talent.

Take a look at few of the visa options which would help you Immigrate to UK!

Tier 1 Visa for Entrepreneur

It is for those individuals who have been willing to invest in the country. The individuals will have to meet with specific requirements under the visa.  The immigrant, who has been willing to move to the nation, will have to make an investment of 50,000 Pounds in any of the regulated businesses operating in the country. The eligibility requirements differ with respect to the investment.

As an entrepreneur, if you want to avail this visa, then you ought to have basic language proficiency level in English and it is important that you have scored 95 points and shouldn’t be less than 16 years of age.

Tier 2 Visa

It allows the skilled immigrants to Immigrate to the UK. The individuals who are applying under the visa category must be outside the European Economic Zone (EEZ) and they should possess a valid job offer from any employers who are based in the UK.

The visa has been divided into four categories for streamlining the immigration.

General: In the first category, the applicants can move under the general visa category. It will be offered to those candidates who can be of considerable value to the economy.

Generally, the general visa programme is given to those individuals who are skilled in a specific job. On an overall percentage, the general category of visa is given to 20,700 individuals on year-on-year basis and those who are earning more than 150,000 Pounds are excluded from the list.

Intra Company Transfer: It is for employees who are working in a multinational and they are at managerial and executive level in the company. Such individuals would be granted the chance to move to the overseas hotspot under the Intra Company Transfer Visa.

Sports Person: There is also special privilege given to sportsperson and coaches who can make reasonable contribution to the development of the sports in that country.

Ministry of Religion: The individuals can fill up vacancy in religion, missionary and members of religious orders to help better the prospects.

Tier 4 Visa

It is meant for students and under this visa category, the students from any country are given the chance to study in any prestigious institutions in Britain. The individuals are granted the visa upon fulfilling the basic criteria of the visa.

The students under the visa category are not allowed to bring their family members under any circumstances. The individuals under the Tier 4 Visa are not permitted to do any full time work in the nation even while strict action is taken against those who breach the code of conduct.

UK Immigration Consultants

So, now you are aware of most of the visas which you can use to move to the UK, but having a good immigration agent would always make you feel on the top of the world. A good immigration professional is not just a service provider but a reliable guide and friend in a different country.

So, you can always bank upon them for lodging, job searches and understanding the law of the different country. These specifications have definitely made the immigration consultants a wonderful person to bank upon for immigration.

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