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Australia Imigration Services
Australia Imigration Services

In Australia, there is a huge requirement for the skilled workforce. So, it is little surprising that and many workers–belonging to different countries–are interested in Australia immigration to work and take home handsome wages.

 Key Benefits for Skilled Workers in Australia

There are many reasons associated with it. In Oz, there are numerous benefits that are offered to people who have moved to the country as skilled workers.

To begin with, in Down Under, there is an act called as Fair Work Act and most of the Australian workplaces are governed by this act. Under it, all the employees, employers, and contractors have to comply with the system.

The departments associated with the implementation of this act are supposed to educate, inform and advise employees, employees & contractors to resolve the complaints related to workplace. Not only this, the department also conducts the required investigations and ensures the proper Implementation of the law.

Each and every person working in the nation, which also includes foreign workers, is entitled to basic rights which also include the workplace related protection.

The non-native Australian workers are referred as foreign workers. These workers are neither citizens nor permanent residents. The foreign workers also include other seasonal workers, international students and also the backpackers.

For all such workers, it is essential to have proper documents that allow them for the temporary long stay or for the permanent visa. Without that, it will be extremely difficult for them to continue their stay and also to find new work.

The Workplace laws in Australia are defined in such a way that they cover almost all kinds of workers who are employed in the country. It is mandatory for Australian employers, especially those who are employing foreign workers, to make sure that all the workplace-related laws are respected. And, they as a company are complying with all the Australian laws that are related to the Australian immigration laws and workplace.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) is the main department that looks after the nation’s immigration laws. This also includes looking after the rules of valid Work Visas, timely examining them and recommending changes.

It is also the responsibility of the DIBP to guarantee that companies are paying salary as per the standard market rate to all the workers who are holding Subclass 457 Visa.

Rights of Foreign Workers

There are 10 entitlements that are referred as the bare minimum and they include, among others:

  1. Fixed weekly working hours of work.
  2. Working arrangements should be flexible.
  3. The workers are entitled to Parental leave and related entitlements.
  4. The workers are permitted to annual leaves.
  5. The workers are entitled to personal leave.
  6. The workers are entitled to community service leave.
  7. The workers are allowed to long service leave.
  8. The workers are allowed to leaves on public holidays.
  9. In case of the termination the employee, the employer is obligated to provide his employee the Notice of termination along with the salary.

Now let’s discuss what exactly workplace discrimination is!

The current Australian laws protect all the foreign workers, but if you still face some issues, you can certainly approach the authorities.

But before that, you should know about the practices that are considered as unlawful workplace discrimination.

If the worker faces discrimination related to race;

If the worker faces discrimination related to color;

If the worker faces discrimination related to sex;

If the worker faces discrimination related to sexual preference;

If the worker faces discrimination related to age;

If the worker faces discrimination related to physical or mental disability;

If the worker faces discrimination related to marital status;

If the worker faces discrimination related to family;

If the worker faces discrimination related to pregnancy;

If the worker faces discrimination related to religion; and

If the worker faces discrimination related to political opinion.

If as a foreign worker you face discrimination at your workplace, and due to any of the above-mentioned reasons, then you are allowed to file your complaint even as the authorized will definitely take the stricter action.

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