For Immigration to Canada Ontario PNP Could Be Right Choice

Canada is always appreciated worldwide for a stable economy, better living standards, and higher rate of employment. It is on account of the following traits that immigrants are always eager to land into this place for exploiting the possibilities and capitalizing on the benefits that they can accrue to their name.

Interested in Canada Immigration?
Interested in Canada Immigration?

In the past, if you go by record, then you will understand that immigration has happened on a larger scale, but all those immigrations backfired due to slag in the policies. The “first-come-first-serve” basis ended up being a fiasco and the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or then the Immigration and Citizenship Canada (CIC) introduced a new programme in the December of 2014.

The programme is known as the “Expression of Interest” or also known as “Express Entry”. Under it, the nation allows skilled individuals across diverse categories to move to Canada and pursue their dream job. The Express Entry programme facilitates the movement under three broad categories:

  • Federal Skilled Workers Programme
  • Federal Skilled Trades Programme
  • Canadian Experience Class

Under all these specific programmes, the aspiring immigrants are required to fulfill certain basic requirements that are demanded. But the fact is that the programme seeks the best immigrants and often the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) that the programme uses to invite and sponsor the immigrants doesn’t include all the jobs making it tough for the immigrants to move. So, most of the immigrants are wondering as to how the possibilities can be streamlined.

Well, the answer to this tough question is through the Provincial Nominee Programme. It is regulated by the provinces and the requirements for immigration are not based on the Express Entry paradigm. The provinces in the nation enjoy full autonomy to include any job in the Provincial Nomination List and choose the right candidates from the Express Entry pool to help overcome the hassles that they are facing in the respective sector.

The bottom-line is that the immigration looks much more possible with PNP programme due to little level of competition but it is dependent on the needs of the province.

Ontario PNP

If you are fortunate enough to have been picked under the PNP programme of Ontario, it would be important for you to get one-in-one with Ontario and find out the requirements that the Ontario PNP seeks.

Why Should You Choose Ontario for PNP?

Well, most people would think that why Ontario is the best destination for the movement. You must know that the need for educated and talented work force makes it extremely contributing for the immigrants to look forward to this province. At the same time, the presence of diversity and multiculturalism allows any immigrant to mingle well with the group and take all possible advantages in the best way. As an immigrant, you would always want that you have got the best place that you can call your new home and Ontario guarantees that with hospitality and opportunities.

How the Ontario PNP Programme Works?

The Ontario Nominee Program for skilled workers allows the immigrants to end up in the province and help them meet with the needs where the economy is lagging behind. Last year in 2015, the demand under the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (OPNP) was 5200 and this year the numbers are still counting. The OPNP works based on the requirements that the province has that juncture, and based on the requirements, the OPNP selects the right candidates from the Express Entry Pool and nominates them for meeting with the demand in the province.

The immigrants are required to fulfill some of the basics like showing them the relevant work experience, the language proficiency. And they must have the respective educational qualification. So, once these things are satisfied, the immigrants are asked to enter the province and they can also apply for PR once they have moved within 60 days of the movement.

Hope that you are able to clarify all your doubts with respect to the OPNP but if you still have some questions then hiring a good immigration attorney is the best thing that you can look forward to.

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