Find Out Where You Stand Using Quebec Skilled Worker Programme Points Calculator!

yiF5TJx8w-GipKzr49JY_zl72eJkfbmt4t8yenImKBVvK0kTmF0xjctABnaLJIm9Are you interested to use the Skilled Worker Programme (SWP) to move to the Canadian Province of Quebec? If yes, go for the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP)! It’s one of the most respected and well-liked plans of Canada Immigration even while every year a large number of candidates submit an application for it. Find out where you stand before your competitors via using the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme Points Calculator!

Significantly, the QSWP is a good path to Permanent Residency (PR) in the country. Perhaps, this is the key reason why it frequently gets capped as soon as it gets launched, on the very first day of its beginning itself.

Quebec Skilled Worker Programme Eligibility Requirements

But before you that, let’s check the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme Eligibility Requirements!

  1. Well, to begin with, you require having not less than one diploma that duly matches with the Québec education arrangement, to a vocational study or Secondary School Diploma.
  2. You require having gained a pertinent training and occupational skills so that it can make your assimilation into the thriving job market of the nation rather easy and hassle-free.
  3. You must validate your aim to get settled and do a job in the province.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program Points Calculator

If you are interested to use the QSWP, and wish to know about your eligibility and also the points that will be given to you on the basis of certain crucial parameters, then,as mentioned before, you must use the Quebec Skilled Worker Program Points Calculator.

With a view to obtain the PR Visa, you require getting not less than the least in the point assessment grid. In case you are single then it is compulsory that you get not less than 50 and 59 minimum points in case you have a spouse or common law partner based on some crucial factors. You will obtain points on the basis of the credentials, age, education, employment experience, language ability, adaptability, etc.

For Training,you can get not more than 28 points.

For experience,you can look forward to getting not more than 8 Points.

For age,you can hope to get a maximum of 16 Points.You will get selection points on the basis of your age when the Quebec Immigration office gets your petition.

For Language Proficiency,you can look forward to getting a maximum of 22 points. Points are given under the Language Skills Factor on the basis of your skills in the province’s first official language (French) and another official language (English).

For Stay and Family in Quebec, you may get an utmost of 8 points. You may get up to 16 points in case you have a close family member in the province and/or have stayed there in.

For Characteristics of the accompanying partner or de facto spouse not more than 16 Points are available. You will get points for the characteristics of your escortingpartner in level of education, area of training, age and language ability.

For Validated employment offer not more than 10 Points are up-for-grabs. Validated employment offer is a real employment offer by a Quebec job-provider/recruiter that is sanctioned (validated).

For Financial Self-sufficiency 1 point is accessible. As part of your petition, you have to state that you will have, for the time-frame of a deal inked with the MICC which is three months from the date of your arrival in Canada as a permanent resident, funds at least equal to the totalgiven here to fulfill the primary requirements for not only yourself but your family as well.As part of your petition, it is required that you ink a contract ratifying your pledge to offer for your and your family’s requirements for a minimum of the initial three months,in the wake of your arrival in the province.

For the Adaptability (preparation of your immigration project) factor, you can hope to get an utmost of 6 Points. Not more than 6 points can be given for your adaptability. Your Adaptability will be evaluated on the basis of the steps that you have accepted to facilitate what’s called your socioeconomic integration and your personal qualities involving your employment activities.

On the Internet, you will find several relevant websites with the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme Points Calculator. Use these to figure-out your chances of making the cut!

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