Figuring Some Common Options for Australia Immigration Visa

Australia VisaOne cannot argue that Australia is a top-notch immigration destination. The country is popular the world over for many more reasons than we know.

The wealthiest country in the world, Australia has won the hearts of millions of immigrants. At a time when many well developed countries, like the US and the UK, have almost closed their doors for new immigrants, Australia remains welcoming under the leadership of Prime Minister Mr. Malcolm Turn bull.

If you are reading this blog, it means you are thinking of Australia immigration and for sure you will get some information on Australia Immigration Visa here.

To get into the country you need a valid Australia Immigration Visa. To acquire an Immigration Visa for Australia you will have to go through the somewhat complex and long drawn out application process. But before that you must know what visa options the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has for you.

It’s true that Oz offers immense job opportunities, pay package is highly lucrative and the standard of living is also very high here. It is also true getting an Australia Immigration Visa is not an easy cake walk, but it could become so, if you take assistance of an immigration expert.

Australia Immigration Visa Options

Skilled Worker Visa

Down Under is quite popular for its point based immigration system. Inspired by the same Canada has developed a similar point based immigration system ‘Express Entry’. The main motive of the GSM Programme is to select skilled immigrants who are capable of meeting the demand of the Australian labor market and who can undertake the job responsibilities instantly rather than becoming a burden on its economy.

Under the GSM, there are two broad categories–employer sponsored and point tested. The former category requires sponsorship from a valid Australian employer, submitting Expression of Interest (EoI) is optional; whereas under the latter category, a sponsorship is not a mandatory condition and applicant is required to create an online profile and submit EoI compelling the officials at the DHA to pick them for a Skilled Australia Immigration Visa.

Study Visa

Down Under has an excellent education system. Some of the most popular universities are here offering wide range of courses to choose from. Technology is highly advanced, facilities are great, and the education system is well developed under the finest visionary leadership. It is an ideal destination for those who want to pursue higher degree abroad. The aspirants can apply for a Student Visa for the purpose.

Working Holiday Visa

The visa gives a chance to the young travelers between the age of 18 and 30 years to enjoy their holidays in Oz supplemented by a temporary job. However, the category is restricted for the citizens of few countries only. Before you apply for the same, find if you are a citizen of the participating nation.

Australian Immigration Visa can be acquired through many ways. However, you must be sure why you want to immigrate to the country. It’s better to consult an immigration expert and let them decide your future steps.

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