Express Entry Immigration Program to Launch in 2015

Is Canada immigration on your mind? Are you waiting for the official launch of Express Entry Program in the year 2015? If your answer is affirmative, then you will be perhaps rather happy to know that the Express Entry Program has already become effective from January 1, 2015, even as the latest news is that the first draw has already taken place, and 779 applicants have been issued an invitation to apply. Sounds great?

As per the records, Chris Alexander, Canada’s in-office Citizenship and Immigration Minister, before the launch of the Express Entry program, stated that the government is reforming the economic immigration system in order to make it fairer, faster, and flexible and make sure that the nation’s labor market needs are met successfully.

The Express Entry Scheme will successfully (or at least it is believed) connect the eligible applicants with employers or job providers who fail to find skilled professionals within the territories of the Maple Leaf Country. The government is working closely with the provincial and territorial authorities and with the Canadian employers to make sure the program proves to be a huge success.

What is Express Entry?

It is basically a new immigration program, completely electronic developed on a similar model first developed in New Zealand and later adopted by the ‘Land of Kangaroos’, Australia. Each applicant will submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) by creating an online profile. Candidates–who successfully meet the criteria of any of the nation’s economic programs–will enter the Express Entry Pool only to be raked against each other on the basis of what is called the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Aspirants with high score will be issued an Invitation to apply and will have maximum two months in order to claim the cherished permanent residence (PR) in the country. If an applicant declines an Invitation to apply, he will not be eligible to re-enter the pool for next twelve months, and if a candidate accepts an invitation to apply, but fails to submit the application, he will not get the second opportunity under the same Invitation to apply. So better be careful and follow the rules!

What is the Comprehensive Ranking System?

Now let’s know what CRS is! It is essentially an internal mechanism used for ranking applicants on the basis of their human capital. The system helps the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)–the concerned immigration and visa organization of the nation–to decide which applicant should be issued invitations to apply.

Each aspirant may score up to 600 points. An additional 600 points swill be granted for prior job offer or a provincial/territorial nomination. Candidates–without a job offer or a provincial/territorial nomination–may register themselves with the Canada Job Bank.

Can provinces and territories use the Express Entry Program?

Yes, except Quebec and Nunavut each and every Canadian province and territory may use the Express Entry Program. In order to meet the demand of the local labor market needs provinces and territories may nominate a certain number of applicants.  If a person receives a provincial/territorial nomination, he gets 600 points extra within the CRS that will eventually leads to the prized and the much sought after PR in the country.

Can applicants use both the Provincial Nominee Program and the Express Entry?

Yes, the candidates can use both the programs! Firstly, they may apply to the PNP and once they get a nomination they may apply to Express Entry Program. The second way is to create a online profile and wait for the provincial and territorial authority to search the Express Entry Pool and ask applicants to apply for provincial/territorial nomination.

Later, the candidates for Express Entry may successfully update their profiles. Yes, it is possible! This option is available! The program helps you update your profile and made it more relevant and in tune with your new achievements and backgrounds!

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