Express Entry Canada 2015 for Skilled Workers

Did you dream of moving to Canada but all these while you were kind of figuring-out how to materialize this dream? Well, for such folks your patience, endurance and wait has-been answered in affirmative. Yes, in the affirmative! This year a new programme has been unleashed from its den. Yes, the word unleashed is used because all these while the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) system of evaluation had snatched opportunities from those that deserved it more!

From this year, Express Entry Canada 2015 for skilled workers will only take into consideration skills. Yes, if you have skills then you stand a chance to move else your application will be rejected! The Express Entry system will keep an eagle’s eye on the language skills of the applicants. So, even if you are stupendous at your skills, but your language is mediocre, then you cannot move.

So, how to figure a way out? Well, you can do that by applying for test that the CIC will approve. Always remember that for utilizing this programme, it is imperative that you have sound knowledge about English. You must make prior appointments from the CIC for figuring-out the scheduled date when you can take the test and provide the scores to the immigration department, for further processing of your application.

Once you have taken the test, and you have secured the desired rankings, then you can apply for the programme. Always keep in mind that these scores are valid for 12 months, so with the scores that you have secured, you can apply just once for the process. If you are not able to get through, in that case, you will be asked to appear for another test in the new calendar year to exploit the benefits of Express Entry immigration programme.

If you have an idea of French language, then you will have an advantage over your peers. As French is spoken in some of the provinces, if you know French, you get more consideration for the application. Basically, if you want to ensure the movement to this country then it should be possible if you score 67 points out of 100.

If you score anything less than that, then your chances of moving to this country will end up becoming a dream. Once you have scored the desired rankings, you can move to this country under three programmes for skilled professionals.

Express Entry Canada 2015 for skilled workers can be facilitated through three programmes that can be accounted while movement:

1. Federal Skilled Workers Program: If you have appeared for the test in the beginning of 2014, you need to secure maximum 24 points to ensure that you can move to this country.

2. Federal Skilled Trades Program: If you are applying under this programme, through Express Entry, then you must secure 9+ in speaking, writing, listening and reading.

3. Canada Experience Class: Those aspirants–who are looking for movement under experience class–need to secure 9+ ranking in all parameters as well reading, writing, listening and speaking.

For facilitating your movement, you must keep a close tab on the language skills that you possess.

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