Explore Canada Immigration Option for Rewarding Job Opportunities

At present, there is a big requirement of skilled workers in Canada. The Maple Leaf Country is a haven for immigrants. No wonder, it is referred to as ‘immigrant’s paradise’. Whether you are looking for a permanent or temporary opportunity abroad, Canada is the right choice for you. As per some reports, in the last five years the country has brought approximately 3.5 million immigrants to its shores.

The term Canada is derived from the first nations word ‘Kanata’. In literal terms it means, ‘settlement’ or ‘village’. In terms of geographical size, the country is the second largest country in the world. It is bigger than China and America.

The nation has the eleventh largest economy in the world. It has various industries and sectors operational across its three territories and 10 provinces. The demand of skilled workers may vary, and in order to keep a check on the skilled workers demand, one territory and each province has its own Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) designed to draw specific class of trained manpower.

Canada Immigration Jobs

Among immigrants, the Maple Leaf Country is famous as a ‘land of opportunities’, and over the years, it has successfully carved a niche among the foreign trained skilled workers. If you are eager to explore new avenues, then you must certainly give a serious thought about Canada Immigration and start looking for suitable job there in.

Canadian employers fully understand the importance of trained workers. Foreign trained skilled workers are laborious, qualified and often experienced, and eager to learn and work dedicatedly. They bring along international exposure, experience, innovative ideas and zeal to give 100%.

The country offers ample of job opportunities, excellent work environment, high standard of living and healthcare facilities which are at par with many well developed nations in the world. However, not every immigrant is lucky enough to enjoy these benefits.

Canadian Job Market

As per some reports, the Canadian job market will increase to 13% between the years 2015 and 2020. The reason why a large number of job opportunities will grow or is growing is increase in the ageing population. No wonder, the demand of skilled workers across various sectors is relatively very high across the nation.

Following are some of the sectors where the demand of skilled workers has risen lately:

  • Accountants
  • Home care nurses
  • Engineers mainly needed in petroleum industry
  • Food servers
  • Software engineers and designers
  • Information system analyst

In order to meet the growing demand of the local labor market and to draw more immigrants, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has introduced Express Entry.

Under the new system prospective immigrants with or without a job offer may move to the country as permanent resident and search for the job. Applicants without a job offer may enroll themselves with the Canadian Job Bank and promote themselves easily.

Express Entry has acted as a bridge between the foreign job seekers and Canadian employers. Through the system the government aims to meet the growing demand of trained workers.

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