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The US is surely a one country that almost every prospective immigrants wish to relocate. The country welcomes citizens of many counties but share special ties with Mexico and Canada through the TN NAFTA Visa. No individual can enter the country without acquiring a valid visa. The entrant must hold either a non immigrant visa for a short stay or an immigrant visa, if he wishes to settle permanently in the US.

The TN Visa came into existence in 1994 once a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was signed. The treaty was signed to facilitate the temporary movement of the qualified professionals from Mexico and Canada to the US.

It is a non-immigrant visa category and allows only qualified citizens of the two countries to come to the nation as temporary residents and engage into various business activities. Professionals, such as lawyers, teachers, pharmacists, scientists, engineers, and accountants are eligible to submit an application.

To apply following are the terms and conditions:

  • The candidate has to be the citizens of either Mexico or Canada.
  • His practicing profession should fall under the eligible occupation.
  • He should have a valid appointment letter–either full time or part time–from a US employer. Self-employed aspirants ineligible.
  • He should hold the education qualification to practice the profession of his choice in the nation.

It’s not easy to visit the US. The country has stringent immigration laws. For a layman, the process is quite complicated and may leave him into the realms of small mistake that may cost him the possibility of acquiring TN – NAFTA Visa. Therefore, it is advisable to take the services of an expert.

An expert will guide you how to acquire a TN status at and get clearance at the US entry port, and will further help you to file original required documents without which getting the TN visa will be impossible. Please note: TN Visa is only granted if you intend to stay in the country as a temporary resident.

Coming back to service providers, the services of such experts help your family members as well to travel with you to the overseas hotspot. Legitimate partner and unmarried children below the age of 21 fall under the family category. They may as well derive the similar status but will not be allowed to take up a job while they stay in US.

Successful applicants with a TN Visa may live and work in the immigration hotspot for at least three years. Even if it in no way it is a permanent visa, its validity can be extended further. If US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) suspect the TN Visa is used for acquiring a Green Card, further extension may be declined.

Though the proceeding of the visa seems simple, it is a difficult task to acquire the same, especially through third country. Given this, the importance of an immigration expert and the role played by him in providing exclusive services is all the more important.

Summary: TN – NAFTA Visa is a non-immigrant visa introduced in 1994 to ease business activities between Canada, Mexico and the US. If you wish to acquire the same, take the services of an immigration expert.

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