Ex British Premier Defends Immigration Policy

In the backdrop of the existing idea of putting certain checks on the inflow of migrants to the British shores, Tony Blair, the ex British PM, has strongly defended his immigration policies, which were allegedly liberal. He observed that the subject ought to be handled with care, to guard against the likelihood of boosting or inspiring narrow nationalism & racism. He added that in several manners, the overseas people do much for Britain. They come equipped with new zeal, new plans and new ideas even as it would be really bad and unfortunate, in case London targets them.

According to certain new reports, Tony Blair–the former British Prime Minister–recently made an unusual visit to the nation’s parliament and strongly defended his immigration policies. He answered the questions presented by the media. The event occurred only a day after the new Labour chief Ed Miliband seemed to wash his hands of the Labour administrations of Blair and Brown on the issue of immigration approach.

Allegedly, Miliband delivered a speech in which he publicly observed that the Labour administration under him would come-up with certain steps to assist individuals manage the impacts of immigration. Amongst the many steps duly proposed was a plan to prevent migrants, with poor English skills, from getting involved with public sector employment, wherein their jobs would require them to talk to the common man.

Some other proposals included a clampdown on unlawful landlords so they fail to take advantage of individuals in over-crowded, second-rate accommodation; and adopting stronger measures to enforce the

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