Working in Ethnic Groups Restricts the Growth of Immigrants, Says Report

Pursuant to a recent report pouring from an internal survey by the Canadian Government, it is found that Canada immigrants, who don’t have proficiency in English or French, always want work in ethnic groups and as a result, they receive low wages compared to the Canada-born counterparts.
The said report also mentioned that a research have proved that Canada immigrants with proficiency in French or English earn the same as of the Canada-born counterparts. However, the immigrants in this nation, who don’t have the knowledge of any of the official language of Canada, have to face a lot of difficulties in the work force and often end up doing a job in immigrant communities in main cities. Many researchers have found that jobs in the immigrant communities are often lower-paying service sectors.
In the early period of 2011, the federal report was created with the purpose of assessing the minimum language standards for overseas immigrants moving to this nation under the PNP (provincial nominee program). Its main focus was on the concerns within the CIC regarding the capability of the applicants in speaking one of the two official languages of Canada in a number of provinces.
The said report has also mentioned that though according to some researchers, there is a possibility that these overseas immigrants may get employment in an ethnically protected economy, a number of recent studies have pointed out that a number of disadvantages are attached to this. Joining one’s own community decreases the skills growth particularly to the labour market of the host country. It also reduces the knowledge of the native languages and hampers the economic growth of the immigrants.
Mr. Jason Kenney,

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