canada immigrationCanada, a North American country, is the world’s second largest country in terms of area. It is among the most developed nations of the world. It is one of the dignified country ranking highest in education, government transparency, civil liberties, economic freedom, etc. Canada provides better opportunities for employment and personal development and advancement. It is among the most popular immigration destination.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has come up with the changes in the previous Federal skilled worker program (FSWP).

A new federal skilled worker program for Canada has been introduced and the new selection system will come in to force on May 2013. “The government’s supremacy will remain jobs, economic growth, long-term prosperity and robust,” said Minister/ Kenney. The Purposes of the Federal Skilled Worker Program List is to aim at the immigrant’s ability to succeed in Canada. The program will ensure to select proficient immigrants who will fully utilize their potential for mutual benefits.

The program examines applicants using a selection grid worth up to 100 points. The passing

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