133211 Engineering Managers Immigrate To Australia

Highly technical engineering jobs need an equally proficient workforce. There is a sustained shortage being experienced in area down under. If you are an engineer and have flair to excel in management aspect also you have a credible opportunity to Immigrate To Australia As Engineering Manager – 133211. Australian government remains committed to offering a smooth passage to aspirants wishing to relocate to country though adoption of general skilled migration – GSM. GSM in all its manifestations offers incomparable advantages to migrants.

Engineer managers are expected to successfully manage and run engineering technical operations of an organization, which may involve creating environment by proper planning and implementation of various essential components and monitoring their outcome. They participate in R& D projects and strive to create synchronization between expectations and aspirations of marketing and engineering departments

Code – 133211 qualification prerequisites are in tandem with specification indicated in skill level 1 of ANZSCO and needs you to have a trade specific graduation or an equivalent. A qualified trade specific experience amount to a minimum period of 5 years can offset minimum academic reference. In certain cases training on job may also be desired as needed.

These professional can avail GSM route to enter Australian shores. This trade is specified in skilled occupations list or SOL. SOL is linked comprehensively to a broad network of visa subclasses based on independent, state/province nominated or relative sponsored categories. Entry permits can be in permanent, provisional and temporary manifestations.

Provisional visa can be availed by

  • People already in country as offshore or former offshore students having finished their studies down under in preceding 6 months and Individuals carrying some specified skilled graduate or trade skills training visa.
  • Offshore applicants meeting preconditioned parameters of education and professional experience

And needs a

  • Nomination of state or provincial government or authority


  • Sponsorship of a qualified relation already residing in a specified region in Australia

Independent visa do not need nominations while residence sponsorship visa also need a nomination

Emigration process to Aussie nation primarily constitutes of 3 steps

  • Assessment of education and professional experience by Engineers Australia – EA
  • Profile evaluation on point basis by Department of immigration and citizenship – DIAC
  • Visa application for successful applicants

EA evaluates documents substantiating your academic achievements and professional endeavors with an objective to correlate them to requisite as per Australian yardstick. Successful applicants receive accreditation documents and advice is simultaneously rendered to DIAC.

DIAC subjects your portfolio to a point evaluation to ascertain your acceptability on various parameters as 133211 – Engineering Manager. Your success in Migrating To Australia is always attributed to your profile successfully qualifying points evaluation with minimum required units.


Engineering Manager 133211 needs graduation or equivalent as basic. There are several visa linked to gsm to facilitate smooth entry of qualified migrants to Australia. Point evaluation by DIAC follows Credential Evaluation by EA. You can file for visa, If you qualify point evaluation.

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