Employment Opportunity for Truck Drivers in Canada

Pursuant to a latest report, there are a number of vacancies available for truck drivers, particularly for experienced long haul drivers in Canada. The qualifying candidates for this position will be provided with a two year work permit with an opportunity to apply for Canada permanent residence at a later period of time. However, to apply for the position of truck driver, the applicant must have minimum two years of experience in truck driving.


This job offers a two year extendable contract of employment. However, salary for this position is yet to be decided, but expected to be between $ 21 – 25 CAD per hour. Besides, to qualify for this position in the country, applicants will have to earn at least 4.5 score in the IELTS, i.e., International English Language Testing System.


Overseas aspirants, seeking a highly paid truck driving career in Canada with relevant qualifications and work experience can easily apply for this position. However, as there is limited number of vacancies available against this post, therefore applicants with more relevant qualification and work experience will have more chances of migrating to Canada as qualified truck drivers.


The job details for the position of Truck Driver in Canada can be described as below:

  • Job Type: Truck Drivers
  • Duration: 2 years (extendable with the permanent residence possibility)
  • Required Work Experience: At least 2 years
  • Salary: likely 21– 25 CAD per hour (though not decided yet)
  • Time of Processing: approximately 3-4 Months period
  • Required Minimum credentials: Intermediate level (or minimum 12 years of regular education)
  • Proficiency in English: at least 4.5 bands score in general IELTS


If you have relevant qualification and experience, then you can apply for this position in Canada. To successfully prepare your

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  1. I got 4.5 band in ielts.is it eligible for truck driver visa for canada.i have 3 year experience of truck driver job in dubai.

  2. I have 5 year experience in Dubai,I didn’t complete ielts but I am graduate with English literature and I can comnicate in english

  3. Dear Jaspal,

    Minimum 6 in each component of IELTS is required for Immigration.

  4. HI FOLKS , this ius jaspreet singh im wrkin in india and hve dream to be a trucker there its our house hold work thts why i love it, i know lil english , just tell me frnd im thinking to go u.a.e , i get licensne there woud it ll work mean to say is tht process still available or will be continued

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