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The Employment-Based Extraordinary Ability Green Card (First Preference) or the EB-1 Visa Category is basically a Permanent Residence US Visa option and accessible to the overseas people, who validate extraordinary ability in their chosen domain, whether the sciences, the arts, education, business, or athletics. The applicants can usually demonstrate extraordinary ability, via furnishing proof of constant national or worldwide acclamation.

The EB-1 Visa is viewed as a mainly looked-for Green Card with the reason being Priority dates are “current”. It means there is no obligatory wait time; one has to cool his heels for a shorter period, vis-à-vis for other categories of Green Cards. Besides, going through the PERM procedure is also not required here.

The EB-1 Visa has three categories, namely, 1) EB-1A – Alien of Extraordinary Ability, 2) EB-1B – Outstanding Researcher/Outstanding Professor, and 3) EB-1C – Multinational Managers and Executive Transferees each with its own specific set of EB-1 Visa Eligibility requirements.

Let’s figure what those EB-1 Visa Eligibility requirements are!

EB-1 Visa Eligibility

1) EB-1A – Alien of Extraordinary Ability

It is frequently accepted that the US inspires those individuals having Extraordinary Ability in the domain of athletics/sport, arts, education, sciences or business, who have gained either national or worldwide commendation.

One can prove the acclamation, via producing certain certificates/papers, such as the acceptance of awards & additional acknowledgments, even as these persons are likely to carry on in their field of know-how, post getting Permanent Residency (PR) and make handy contributions to the nation.

2) EB-1B – Outstanding Researcher/Outstanding Professor

Academicians with not less than 3 years of teaching experience or academic research and internationally recognition in their academic endeavors may submit an application for the EB-1B as either Outstanding Researchers or Outstanding Professors. As per the EB-1 Visa Eligibility requirements for the sub-category, it is crucial that they possess not less than three years of research experience and also recognized proof of their astonishing contributions in the establishments or firms they may have been involved with.

Additionally, it is also required that they have either tenured or tenure-track positions at the universities or organizations of higher education. In case they do not have this to show, it is mandatory that they possess similar research positions in private companies that hire not less than three full-time researchers.

3) EB-1C – Multinational Managers and Executive Transferees

People who have been engaged overseas as Multinational Executives or Managers, for not less than 1 year out of the three years, prior to submitting an application for admittance to the US as priority workers, have the qualifications to submit a petition under the class. It is also vital that these people gain admission into the US continuing to be employed as executives or managers for the institution that drafted them overseas.

EB-1 Green Card Process

As per the EB-1 Green Card Process, an EB-1A application is presented with the Form I-140, Petition for Alien Worker. Given there is no need whatsoever of an employment offer or employer sponsorship, candidates can petition for the said visa themselves. But it is required that they guarantee that their petitions do not exclude certain supporting certification fulfilling the fundamental requirements, as laid down by the USCIS. Since, as per the EB-1 Green Card Process, it is possible for the aliens to self-petition, the EB-1As proffer aliens a very speedy path to getting the prized PR in the US.

Summary: check the page and you shall find relevant information on the EB-1 Green Card Process and also the EB-1 Visa Eligibility requirements.

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