Do You Wish To Know How To Apply For Immigration To Australia?

Chance to Get Immigration to Australia
Chance to Get Immigration to Australia

When one plans to immigrate to a foreign country there are several factors that need to be considered, such as better job opportunities, suitable lifestyle, economic stability, and peaceful environment along with social and other benefits.

Luckily, when you are planning to migrate to Australia, your prayers will be well answered, and you will get more than your expectations there in. You will be completely mesmerized to see high standard of living, incredible infrastructure, unparallel education and healthcare sector, amazing sports and outdoor adventure activities, brilliant wildlife, and superb employment opportunities.

But before you move to the hotspot, you need to find out how to apply for immigration to Australia. Without finding an answer you possibly cannot crack the Australian immigration code.

You need to do your homework right and be fully prepared to successfully navigate through the complex and lengthy visa and immigration process, duly managed and run by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)–the concerned organization responsible for administering the immigration and visa affairs for the country.

Skilled Professionals in Demand

At present, Down Under is facing a severe shortage of trained professionals in some specific fields, such as Manufacturing, designing, engineering, medical, IT, construction, etc. Hence, if you happen to be a skilled professional, you are officially wanted in the country. Your chances of making the cut are high, rest assured you will get a visa and move to Down Under!

On the basis of the economic needs and skill shortage, the DIBP releases Skilled Occupation List (SOL). To meet the skill shortage many Australian states also release their separate Skilled Occupation Lists (SOLs). To submit an application successfully, an applicant needs to choose an occupation from the SOL.

However, to get selected, the candidate must have relevant experience and the required skills. Just because your profession is given in the SOL or any other occupation list does not mean you will move to the overseas hotspot.

Follow the Points Based System

This is considered as the most crucial aspect when it comes to Australia immigration. To successfully pass this stage, you must score at least 60 points on the basis of your age, language, experience, education and other factors. Once you are selected, you will be issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and get 60 days to claim immigration.

How to immigrate to Oz on the basis of a prior job offer?

Oz is a land of immense opportunities. If you are the applicant with right skills and experience, than the immigration pathways are many for you. The country requires young skilled workers fully loaded with the required experience and the ability to combat the skill shortage across the country.

Job Based Pathways

Use any of these to move to the destination of your dreams.

  • Skill Regional (provisional) Subcategory 489 Visa (state nominated)
  • Skill Nominated Subcategory 190 Visa (state nominated)
  • Skill Independent Subcategory 189 Visa (non-sponsored)

While the Visa Subcategory 189 can be applied using a point based system without any sponsorship or nomination from a state or Australian recruiter/job-provider, the Visa Subcategory 190 and 489 require state nomination. If you wish to immigrate–using a job offer from an approved Australian employer–then there are different visa subclasses under the same. Choose the most suitable one!

Immigrate to Oz through Employer Sponsorship

To present an application under the same, you must have a job offer and sponsorship from an approved Australian employer. Some of the visa categories up-for-grabs are Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa (Subclass 457), and Employer’s Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186).

Immigration & Visa Consultants

As hinted before, the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ is a highly advanced country that requires a large number of skilled and talented immigrants to maintain the high growth of its economy. And like many other nations, Oz is also presently facing skill shortage in various fields.

An experienced immigration agent will suggest you the right visa category on the basis of your specific profile. Choosing the right visa category and accurate assistance will certainly make your immigration journey easier and better.

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