Denmark visa application process and requirements

People who are seeking for Denmark immigration – need to obtain an immigration visa – ef=”” target=”_blank”>visa application process, the applicants are advised to get familiar with all the mentioned points that relate the Danish visa application procedure and apply for visa accordingly.


After submission of visa application form, it is Danish representative who takes a final decision regarding issuing an immigration visa to a particular applicant after taking a close review of their application and various other supporting documents.


The entire procedure of visa application takes 3-5 weeks to complete – in case of personal visit the procedure takes 2 to 4 days to complete – while for a temporary stay the process takes the complete duration of 2 to 4 weeks. In order to get a visa in Denmark, you need to have it issued on the basis of your temporary stay in the country.


If you intend to stay in the country for a short period, you must be aware of all facts related to the government-made rule. Moreover, fulfilling various visa requirements always remain a much necessary task that needs to be accomplished by all the applicants. Here is an important list of Danish visa requirements.


Passport – carrying a valid passport with at least six months validity is much necessary for every applicant as they have to demonstrate this as their national identification while travelling outside their native country.


Photograph – all the applicants intending to apply for a Danish visa need to provide two passport-size photographs that must be recent, must have taken less than six months before.


Application Fee – the application fee is subjected to be submitted along with a visa application form. An applicant must submit the required visa application fee for letting their application assessment smoothly.


Supporting-Documents – as it is known to all, submitting various supporting documents is a quite necessary for the applicants involved in a visa application.


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