Denmark Immigration for Skilled Workers—an Easy Affair

The Kingdom of Denmark–well-known the world over for its migrant-friendly visa and immigration policy–is a haven for the ambitious and enterprising skilled and trained people,and why not! The beautiful Nordic nation respects qualified skilled and semi-skilled individuals, and welcomes them under its Skilled Visa Classes. In fact, Denmark Immigration for Skilled Workers is a rather trouble-free affair.

Remarkably, as per a report, the nation has witnessed an enormous increase in highly qualified overseas employees in the recent years. The figure of the educated individuals moving to the country from abroad has headed north five-fold during the past two decades or so. Just 3,000 trained chanel espadrilles non-EU foreigners gained admission into the immigration hotspot, for job purposes, from 1991 to 1995. However, from 2006 to 2010 the number jumped to 15,000-plus.

Some observers claim that the occurrence is mainly the outcome of relaxed immigration plans for the candidates having sought-after skill sets. Such employees are major contributors to the nation’s economy even as they do not burden the administration and the social arrangements.

Denmark is one of the European Union’s most active members in trying to recruit skilled workers from around the world. The country welcomes trained migrants with open arms through Green Card Scheme, Positive List Scheme, and Pay Limit Scheme.

Denmark Green Card

Denmark immigration for skilled workers is based upon the point system. The system is also known as Danish Green Card. Another gateway is the Work Permit; it’s purely based on the positive list scheme for the aspiring migrants and they are invited by the Danish employers.

The Danish Green Card calculates points on the basis of these factors–education, age, work experience, and language skills. It not only allows the migrants to live and work in the nation but also helps them gain residence for a period of three years.

The higher the education, the better chances of scoring more points. The maximum points, which Denmark immigration-motivated skilled workers can gain for his education, are 105 points. Master’s Degree can help them score 60 points whereas 80 points can be had for PhD. Degree obtains from top universities can fetch the candidates some bonus points.

Apart from education, maximum points can be gained for language skills. Knowledge of one Scandinavian language, along with English or German, can help the aspirants get more points. A total of 30 points can be scored for language skills.

Work experience helps in gaining a maximum of 15 points. It basically depends on the number of years the candidate may have worked. It also depends on the work or the skill in which Denmark could be running short of.

Denmark immigration for skilled workers very much depends on their adaptability to the country. If the applicant has worked or studied in any of the EU area, then he can gain 15 points. Young people can look forward to gaining more points, vis-à-vis those from the 35-40 age group. The candidates who are less than 34 years of age get 15 points.

Green Card holders are enabled to get residence permits for their spouse and kids. They also have the freedom of working in the country till the validity of the chief candidate’s Green Card. It is essential that the aspirant gives a valid proof that he can easily financially support his family in the country till they find a job.

Positive List Scheme

Another gateway to Denmark immigration for skilled workers is the country’s Positive List Scheme. It’s the list of all the skills in which the nation could be facing a scarcity of. The aspiring migrants can get work and residence permit if they get a valid job offer from a Danish employer under their positive list scheme. This scheme restricts the period of living in the country for 3 years only. Like the points system, the applicant enjoys the freedom for ushering in his family members to the country.

Pay Limit Scheme

Remarkably, there’s a pay limit system also that aid in gaining entry to this migrant-friendly and financially robust economy. Any person who gets a job offer of more than DKK 375,000 can easily migrate to Denmark for living and working there under their Pay Limit Scheme.

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