Denmark green card approval made easy

Denmark immigration opens a wide range of opportunities for you, in case your nominated occupation appears on the positive list of occupations. If you are proficient in the English language and your professional and educational qualification suits the occupation you have nominated for, that is listed on the Denmark’s positive list of occupations, you can almost pack your bags for Denmark.

However, passing the minimum pass mark set for Denmark’s points based system along with the submission of necessary documents are a few other things that would together pave your way to a successful Denmark immigration.

It would be a good idea to assess the points that you are likely to get according to the current Points based system of Denmark. This can be done with the assistance of an able immigration specialist. It makes sense to make an investment

of time and money in the Denmark Green Card application, only if you have chances of clearing the minimum pass mark. A Denmark Green Card allows you to stay in Denmark for three years, with the residence permit.

Apart from seeking assistance from an immigration expert, you must also be mindful of a few tips to ensure a successful Denmark Green card application. This would help you save a lot of time and also avert inconvenience that you might have to face for the Green card approval for Denmark immigration.

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  1. Dear Sir
    1. Education M.Sc in Mathematics
    2. IELTS No
    3. working experience 1+ years as Lecturer in Shachindra Degree College, Hobigonj
    4. age 29 years
    Spous : H.S.C Complete i.e 12 Years Course Complete
    Shall I be eligible for Danish green card?

  2. Hi Sir,
    I applied for Denmark Green Card Scheme on
    8th Apr 2009 at Chennai Consulate in INDIA.How to find my application status pls help me ragarding this…advance thanks..

  3. i hav applied 30/11/2010 in london. they have taken all original documents as well as my passport. if it takes time and i need my passport how can i get it? any body pls giv m answer

  4. hi im a girl from afghanistan my age 30 diploma and i worke 6 years helping nursing my english is good i like to moving to denmark how can i apply online because if i going embbasy they say me you must onilne apply please helping me thank you

  5. Hello. this is 28yrs old MBBS doctor with one yr internship from Bangladesh. Having 3 yrs of work experience with IELTS 6.5( overall). medium of language was in English in educational institute and work place. I am worried about my MBBS degree acceptance from Danish authority. do they grant it? may i eligible to apply? is my 17 yrs educational background will be counted? what will be my total points? plz reply me…..

  6. i am a citizen of Bangladeshi,i am 34 years old.i has been completed 16 years of education(master 2 years,bachelor degree 2 years,higher & secondary school 12years).i have 7 years work experience,now i am working primal associates in Bangladesh .i am a head of administration department in our administration & commercial our company,here the communication is English.
    Can you help me to calculate my points if i want to apply for DENMARK SCHEME GREEN CARD?
    Best regards,

  7. Hi,
    Thanks Mr. Ajay Sharma for supporting us!
    I am from Bangladesh!
    I would like to know my Educational points!
    M.B.A- (2 Years)
    BBA-(4 Years)
    University: North South University, Bangladesh(Both)
    Therefore, would like to know what should be the maximum points I might get being a Bangladesh student.

    Waiting for your feedback!

  8. 4 years BBA+1 year MBA,Bangladesh equivalent to what qualification for Denmark?How many marks I will get?
    inform me quickly

  9. Dear,
    1 have 5 years Experience with multinational company in sales profession.mASTERSS FROM UNIVERSITY.mY WIFE ALSO HAVE 3 YEARS experience with bank. MBA from UNIVERSITY.Haveany chance to immigrant DENMARK.

  10. Denmark is good destination and new job opportunities.

  11. Hi,
    I am from Bangladesh.I have applied for Danish Immigration (Green card) on 19 Dec 2010.My Wife and my dayghter also applied as dependants.We have filled up GR1 and FA8 forms and submitted the application along with all required documents as my self as the principal applicant. I have sent the Application and forms and all documents (with out any fees) by FedEx to Copenhagen Danish Immigration Services.I have applied for Accounting Manager under ‘Management Category’. My question is that, when & how I could be able to know about the status (accepted or rejected) of my Application from the Danish Immigration Services? Thank you in advance for the answer.

  12. B Sc, Engineering in Chemical Engineering & Polymer science.

    10 yr experience in polymer sector

    No Ielts.

    May I apply for green card?

  13. Dear Zakir,
    It can take up to six months, from this stage, before a final decision will be received.

  14. Thanks for the reply again. Do the Danish Immigration service also inform the applicant if the application is unaccepted?Is it the correct process the way I applied (with out any fees) for Danish Immigration?

  15. After approval of application, they give 3 years visa. Can I go to Denmark anytime within 3 years, or there is a period with in which I have to visit Denmark once.

  16. Hi
    I have gotten file number from denmark embassy. But there is still no reply about my situation in immigration. Does having File number mean that my file is agreed????

  17. Hi Parinaz, could you please read my earlier message and tell me when I would get the file number? or would get any at all?

  18. I have applied for Green card for Denmark last 6th April 2011, How can I know the status of my application.

  19. i wana apply for GC for denmark but is there how many percentage chance to get visa i m mba and last year i was in london for 2, so please any body give me advise .
    can i go thourgh agent or self

  20. Hello there,
    I am working here at a Bank for last one year , I have completed my MBA mejor in HRM and im fluent in english ,My Age is 26 years , So please let me know how much is my possibility to get called up from Denmark Residency permit.

    Thanks and Regards,

  21. I am complicated post graduation in Library science and also Master of Philosophy and five and half of experience in academic area as an assistant librarian so, I would like to work in singapore for this what i have to do? please email me.

  22. I have completed mSc Information Technology, Have 9 Years experience, B.Sc and mSc English medium, Age 34 years, No Adaptability. Please calculate my point for Denmark immigration and reply.


    Md. Anisuzzaman

  23. I have completed my 3 years Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from National University Bangladesh and Masters of Theological Study from Bangladesh Theological Seminary formally accredited by Northeast Baptist Seminary, Washington, U.S.A. I have been working with a Christian publishing house since 1992 as Editorial Manager. My job includes writing, translation, proofreading, graphic design, printing management with the press etc. I am 34+. Please calculate my point for Denmark Immigration and reply.

  24. I applied for Denmark Green Card visa in 2008 i attend the Embassy interview also i did not get any information from the Embassy how long it will take for processing.

  25. Dear Zakir Bhai,
    I have read through your comments. Mine was also applied on Dec, 13,2010. I dropped all apposite docs at SWEDEN Embessy Dhaka then they took necessary actions to post, yet u sent all docs towards Denmark. Didn,t u do from from Bangladesh? However, I have yet to have any response from them. Do u have any res[ponse as our time frames are almost similar. My cell phone is 01718627931. Pls make a phone call so that we can share our views.

  26. Dear Sir,
    Hi. I am residant of Bangladesh.I am doing job over two years in a established ‘Life Insurance Company’ of Finance Accounts section as a executive officer . I am MBA holder. I would like to be immigrant in Denmark.How could i apply in this connection. Sir pls inform me.
    Best of regards.

  27. I applied for greencard for denmark last 3rd july 2011.Maximum how long it will take to give answer?

  28. Dear,
    I am confused about education point level to Denmark immigration. If you make me easy it will help to submit documents.
    1)M.B.A in Marketing
    2)B.B.A in Finance
    3)Higher Secondary school
    4)Secondary school
    Then, how many points i get?

  29. Dear Kamrul,

    Kindly send me following details at
    1) Duration of your MBA
    2) From where you have done your MBA

    On hearing from you on the same, I shall guide you further.

  30. Hi, I have applied for Denmark Green card scheme last month here in Kenya, Nairobi. Right now I am working here but what will happen if I move back to India after 2-3 months. Do they shift my file from Kenya to India location? Any info……?

  31. I need to apply for Denmark Greencard before March as my age would be 35 in 2012. So anything after March 2012 will depriv me of 5 points and I will not be eligble to file. The core issue is that I have to go to USA on a Business visit in 3 days and hence cannot file the application in VFS India. Procedure says one has to file in the country of Origin only. So is true? Or Can I file my application in USA at DK embassy in NY while my visit? Pls advise

  32. @ Rams: You can not apply from USA. If you are on work visa of USA then you are eligible. not on business visa.

  33. Hi,
    I have applied for danish green card on 7 Dec 2011 from Stockholm. How long it will take. Is there any possibility to access my case officer. I think my documents are totally complete with a Swedish Master degree from Lund University(rank 60 in world) and 1 year experience from Sweden as Electronics Engineer.
    Thanks in advance



  34. Hello every body. I am Morteza from Iran. I am going to move to Denmark in Green Card Scheme during next 6 month. I am chemical engineer with 6 years Experience in Gas refienery and petrochemical (PVC) plant.
    Detail Design and Commissioning Both.
    Do yo have any advice for me to find a job in Denmark?
    How long it takes to find a job in Denmark.

  35. Hellow..I applied on Dec, 2010 from Bangladesh..Educational Assessment started on 23 October,2011…Since then no decision from DIS…Any one who applied within the same timeline of myself please share updates..Shofiul (01718 627931 or

  36. Dear,
    I Have applied under Green Card Scheme for Denmark through a person. He gave a case order ID on which my case and fee will be process and submitted. I have paid the fee to that person 2 months ago. But still my status against Case Order ID is Not Paid.
    Will you please tell me is it possible that fee is paid but status is not updated.
    Secondly Please tell how can I check that my case is in process and on which stage is right now.


  37. I have MBA and 2 years experience,will I be eligible?

  38. Hi,

    What are you working as..??
    Kindly send us your detailed resume at and we shall guide you further.

  39. My wife is a Doctor and Im an Electrical Engineer, we have applied long term visa for Denmark 04.11.2013 still no visa comes, When we in quarry Denmark office their telling payment received application not received. Then We visit local Embassy then they told they will re-send it by still after Denmark office telling they not received our application. Could you please guide how check application status with case order id, and after visa getting how to fine accomodation in Copenhagen city and contact, as my wife main applicant how long she have to do the language test, as I am control,Automation, Electrical,Electronic,Sysytems Engineer with 8.5 year experience in construction field as Electrical Engineer how possible to find job, where to go in Copenhagen city, How to get CPR number what requide it, As our baby boy 1yrs 3 month so how to threat him there……please king enough give information pls…..!!!



  40. Sir,
    I have applied denmark green card (working visa) last december 19th 2013. How can i know the status of the application. . How many months of the time taken the entire process. . .

  41. M.Com-2years
    H.S.C & S.S.C-12years
    Job Exeprience-9 years (Accounts Manager)
    Age-37 years
    wife edication:
    M.A. English
    One child age-2 years
    pls calculate points

  42. hello I applied for danish immigration last year in November 2013..10 months have passed and I haven’t received a single email or call from the embassy..I am really worried that why it is taking too long..kindly clear my concerns on this topic..thanks alot

  43. Education: Bachelors 2 years (Arts) then Masters 2 years (CS,IT) then MS 2 years (Computers Science)
    Experience: 8 + year in profession inluded in Positive list
    Languae: have proof from university and employeer of good skills of Enlish
    Age: 37 years
    Funds: Have sufficiant funds in my account to assist myslef for one year in DMK

    Please advise, am i eligible for Denmark GC scheme?

  44. I am Completed my Secondary School Certificate at years of 1999, achived 63% mark.Diploma In civil Engineering at years of 2006, achived 3.35 out of 4.00,B.Sc in civil Engineering at years of 2011, achived 3.1out of 4.00. i am married & i have a son of twenty five months.

  45. Dear Md. Nazimul,
    Please mail me Update resume ( Our Counselor will guide You.

  46. Dear sir,

    My status of the application changed for the denmark green card and it says as below comments.
    Can I think it positively kindly guide me.

    Your Passport Status
    VFS Visa application reference number.DECE/191214/0002/01 will be forwarded to Embassy of Denmark Embassy, next working day in morning , New Delhi for further processing

  47. Dear Venkat,
    It’s a positive reply, Need to wait for the next communication.

    Meanwhile please check the status in VFS site.

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