Decoding Canada Provincial Nominee Program

As it is well known, Canada is a much preferred immigration hotspot even as it has one of the biggest overseas-born populaces amongst the OECD nations. A significant section of the migrants to the nation arrives as qualified work force – either as provisional overseas employees, permanent inhabitants, through the country’s points-based trained migration arrangement, or as territorial & provincial nominees.

Provincial Nominee Program

Also called the PNP, this program is a well-liked permanent residence scheme in the Maple Leaf Country at the present for those who wish to work & settle therein. Through the different Provincial Nominee Programs, the participating provinces try to draw trained manpower, via their immigration accords with Ottawa.

With a view to submit a petition for the said immigration class, the aspirants ought to have nomination from a Canadian Province or Territory in which a particular skill is in scarcity. Those who possess the bare minimum standard of the required skill, besides employment experience, may file a petition for getting nomination from one of the territories or provinces.

As mentioned before, majority of the Canadian provinces & territories have an accord with Ottawa even as it enables them to offer nomination to those aliens who want to stay in the given territory or province which evaluates their petition on the basis of its specific immigration requirements and the candidates’ true intention to stay therein.

Post getting nomination from a territory or province, the applicant should present a separate petition to the national immigration body, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), for the status of permanent residence. After that, a CIC official reviews their submission even as the basis of the same is the nation’s immigration parameters.

Canada Provincial Nominee Program Application Process: Step-By-Step

The petition submission procedure is rather uncomplicated. The aspirants should follow the steps given here under:  The provincial nominee candidates should first get nomination from a territory or province even while every territory or province boasts of its own distinct nomination processes–and in certain particular cases—charges.

Post getting nomination, the applicants will get authorization of nomination, in the form or a nomination approval letter or other confirmation, from the territory or province. The aspirants should put forward a copy of the same with their submission to the CIC.

The candidates will also do well to make certain that:

  1. Their petition and all forms are duly completed & inked;
  2. Their processing charge is contained; and
  3. Every essential and needed supporting documents/papers are contained.
  4. They should also make certain that a reproduction of the confirmation of nomination sent to them by the specific territory or province is included with their submission.

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