Damaged Documents? Not Acknowledged in Immigration!

As an Immigration expert, I have faced various queries related with damaged documents such as passport with his friends. During the visit, his Canadian passport got damaged. While he was on his way back to Canada, he was refused departure at the airport as his passport was damaged.

Here is the answer to this question: Until and unless the applicant does not produce a proper passport, he or she is not allowed to leave the country. Documents (http://blog.abhinav.com/importance-of-documentation-in-immigration-process/) related to travel; health and identity proof, to name a few should be handled with utmost care. Damaged documents are strictly prohibited in any application process in Immigration.

A duly filled application form, along with the necessary documents form the most critical facets of making your application process a success. The list of the documents required may vary in conformity with the type of visa applied for! In the above case, the applicant is advised to get a duplicate passport from the Canadian High Commission as soon as possible. It would be a wise decision to have the guidance of an expert Immigration and Visa specialist by your side, to ensure that the procedure is carried out perfectly.

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  1. I completely agree with your post. The documents must be kept carefully. The damage of the documents really creates a lot of hurdles in visa processing. Its very important that one must scan the documents and save the soft copy of documents with him/her so in case if the document is damaged, the soft copy can become helpful for him. Excellent sharing. Very informative post.

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