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Singapore is a jewel which has been shinning with all its brightness in the East. The country has shown tremendous amount of development and it has been the reason that immigration has become intrinsic with the growth. The better quality of life, lucrative payment and stable economy has been the reason to invoke trust in this country.

As an immigrant, if you wish to get access to all the happenings in the immigration domain in Singapore, the Singapore immigration news and highlights which is about to come up in this piece will dramatically help you. It is advisable that as an immigrant, you must take all the aspects into consideration while defining your movement. In this piece, you will be able to get all of them.

Singapore Immigration News

In the Basket of Indian Immigrants

The Singaporean immigration has turned out to be a bitter meal for the Indian immigrants and if you ask why, you must take note of the latest developments which has been introduced by the Prime Minister (PM) of Singapore.

As per the rules governing the immigration, the PM of Singapore has said that middle level skills in the immigration will be closely monitored and new policies would be adopted to check all the basic flaws in the immigration program.

The PM’s decision is all set to impact the immigration to this country. As per the new changes which have been adopted w.e.f. this year the Q1 programme will see a jump in the requirements.

The bottom class of the employment has been the hardest hit since the earning parameters have increased to S$3,000 from S$2,800 to maintain the Q1 status. At the same time, the P2 pass has also seen some developments and as per the norms and the requirements, the pass has been increased to S$4,500 which was S$4,000 in the past.

So, all these developments have been sending ripples down the spine and immigrants must be cautious while taking the immigration.

Biometric Checkpoints for Immigration Offenders

A new development has again dominated the landscape of Singapore, and this time it has been readily implemented to check complacency in immigration. The Thumb Point Scanner detects the history of the immigrants. Under the system, the criminal records, financial conditions and everything will be monitored under a single umbrella, thereby making it comparatively easier for the immigration department to keep a tab on the immigration trails.

Visas to Immigrate to Singapore

P1 Pass

It has been designed to attract skilled immigrants to the country who can fill up the vacancy in different sectors which have been facing stagnancy and they required immediate help from skilled work force to bounce back. The workers under this category are paid a higher median salary of S$8,000 and above.

There are loads of benefits associated with the P1 Pass and under the programme one can claim PR which would be available one year after the completion of the stay in the country. The individuals who are requesting for the PR must be engaged in the work for one full year. At the same time, the person who is holding the P1 visa can bring their own spouse and children to Singapore during the period of stay.

P2 Pass

It is for those workers who are semi-skilled and they are not having exceptional standards will have to apply under the P2 pass. The P2 pass holders are required to have diploma or degree for streamlining their immigration. Those who are applying under this category are required to earn S$4,500 and once they are able to come under this stipulated category, they are eligible to apply for this visa.

There seems to be a lot of benefits which are promised under the visa, like the holders can obtain the PR status and if they are wishful to bring their family, there is specific provision for that as well. But the holder of this visa is not allowed to bring their parents to the nation.

These are few of the visas which the immigrants can use to move to Singapore.

The Singapore Entrepass Visa also allows the immigrants to move but it is meant for investors and entrepreneurs only.

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