Canadian Nova Scotia to Appoint Auditors to Stop Business Immigration Frauds

With a view to check the cases of scam in the two business immigration classes, the Canadian province of Nova Scotia has reportedly decided to use the professional services of trained auditors. The plan is to take into service not less than eight audit companies for the ‘integrity’ testing of its schemes. These are basically the skilled auditors who will guarantee that immigrant entrepreneurs do fulfill different financial tests and unearth business immigration rackets.

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The auditing procedure will be so functional that the prized and the much sought after position of Permanent Residency (PR) will be proffered only, and only after entrepreneurs fruitfully tend to run a firm/enterprise just for a time-frame of two years. The clause lies that these entrepreneurs must come up with a capital investment of not less than $150,000 in the region of Nova Scotia.

There are also additional added characteristics of the plan. The same enables roughly 100 entrepreneur immigrants to be given the permission to Get the Citizenship of Canada every year. Lena Diab, the incumbent Immigration Minister, has reportedly stated that the province did lobby for an extended period and made efforts to induce the government to be given the right to establish two fresh schemes.

The additional conditions comprise that these graduate entrepreneurs must be duly educated at Nova Scotia, in the wake of getting their secondary education. It is also mandatory that these entrepreneurs have the possession of and run a business in the province which will be systematically audited post 1 year. They will not have to give either net worth or even any bare minimum investment.

Suzanne Ley–who is the current executive director of the Nova Scotia office of Immigration–has reportedly sent across a broader message asserting how seriously they have inherited the dangers of business immigration rackets. Auditors will then be employed to guarantee some kind of immigrant entrepreneurs and then fulfill different financial tests with not less than a net worth of $600,000.

These audit firms may have been ordered to sign a deal for a maximum of 6 years. These oversight steps have been the outcome of some type of wide-ranging study that was carried out by the immigration bureau which will do its own kind of evaluation of the business plans by several entrepreneurs. The hunt for auditors has also been duly divided into two type of separate requests for plans for discovering business immigration scams.

In the previous proposal, it was anticipated that one was up for roughly three firms with a view to authenticate entrepreneurs so that they can fulfill their minimum net worth net. There is also an appeal for five firms for a time-frame of an opening three-year period with that of an additional three year likely renewal.

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