Canadian Express Entry for Skilled Migrants Round the Corner

Come January 1, 2015 and Ottawa will begin to accept petitions from skilled migrants from across the globe under its much talked about and eagerly awaited Canadian Express Entry Program. Yes, it is true that just a few days are left before the scheme officially comes into force!

The main focus of the program is on quality and not on timing. The scheme aims to meet the specific demands of the Canadian labor market, and develop a job bank that successfully caters to the demand of the trained professionals by the country.
What exactly is Express Entry?

Well, it is basically an immigration program from Canada where a prospective immigrant documents his credentials, such as qualification, experience, language spoken, and other relevant details. And, he provides an Expression of Interest (EOI) in working and living in the Maple Leaf Country.

Express Entry is essentially inspired by a similar program developed in New Zealand only to be later adopted by Australia. While in the former, it is run as points based program; in the case of the latter, it runs under the name of SkillSelect. Both schemes are big hits with the aspirants from throughout the world and also the recruiters of the respective nations.
Who May apply?

Express Entry is open for all; everyone from different professions is welcome to submit an application. Unlike other federal programs, Express Entry does not have an occupation list. It is also not bounded by a “Cap”, and until the closing date as many applications as possible will be accepted. Is not it a very positive news report?

How the Canadian Express Entry for Skilled Migrants Works!

Under the scheme, every individual will submit an ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI) to the Canadian government and their detailed resume and complete details will be entered into a database. Canadian employers–seeking interested in using foreign skilled professionals–will have an access to complete information on the database, and this will allow them to choose suitable candidates as per their particular needs and situations.

If a recruiter in the Maple Leaf Country fails to find the skilled local professionals, to fill the vacant posts, once a labor market impact assessment is done, he may go online to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) database of applicants, and then select qualified experts only to make a suitable job offer to the candidates.

Applicants, with a job offer from a Canadian employer, will be given preference and priority while giving an invitation to apply for the cherished Canadian PR. Express Entry Program will cover all existing skilled immigration schemes and this comprises Skilled Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class, and the Skilled Worker Program.

Applicants are likely to be considered if they have submitted an application through one of these well-known federal economic immigration programs:

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • A portion of the Provincial Nominee Programs
  • The Canadian Experience Class

Those, who fail to meet the set criteria, with a gap of twelve months may re-submit their profile, and if they meet the criteria, may successfully enter the pool.

Canadian Express Entry for Skilled Migrants–Some Basic Facts

Now let’s take a rapid glance at some of the top features of the scheme!

  • Applications are processed fast, in a maximum six months.
  • For the first two years, an investment of $14 million will be made and later $4.7 million will be invested every year.
  • The program is responsive to the nation’s particular economic and labor market needs.
  • Emphasis is on quality and chances are better for those candidates who are likely to achieve economic success in the nation.
  • Main focus is on quality and to successfully meet the country’s specific labor market needs.
  • The program does not have a occupational list to be followed; it also does not have a fixed number of applications to be accepted.
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