Canada–the Best Immigration Hotspot

Among migrants, the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ is quite popular. It is often referred as the ‘Maple Leaf Country’, and also the ‘heaven on earth’ or the ‘immigrant’s paradise’. Since the beautiful country has opened its doors for migrants, it is a top immigration destination, especially for those who wish to live a quality lifestyle.

The Maple Leaf Country is a multi cultural country built by the migrants. It has two official languages–English and French. For the Canadian Government, migrants are more of a national asset and less as a national burden.

As the migrants enrich the social ties and cultural bonds, they are highly valued. On an average, every year, approximately 220,000 immigrants enter the country and out of which nearly 160,000 become its citizens.

Canada—the Best Immigration Hotspot

These are just some of the reasons that make Canada the best immigration hotspot:

  • It offers high standard of living, plus quality lifestyle.
  • It is a democratic country. Hence, individuals’ rights are well protected.
  • Its healthcare system is excellent and is best in the world even as its education system is well funded and organized.
  • The United Nations Human Development Index (UNHDI) has ranked Canada as the best country to live and work.
  • In terms of land size, it is the second largest nation in the world which means there is enough space for new entrants.
  • Internally, it is very peaceful, supports ethnic diversity, crime rate is low, corruption is under control, people are warm and welcoming and they help migrants make a home away from home.

Canada’s Economy

The nation is one of the wealthiest in the world. It is an active member of the G8 and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Its service sector dominates the local work force which employs nearly 75% of the total population. Its primary resources–such as mining, fishing, and oil–also make a major contribution towards the growth of the national economy.

As compared to other countries, it has a very low unemployment rate. Skilled workers are highly in demand in the country. Hence, they are paid handsomely. As there is shortage of such workers in the nation, to meet the skilled scarcity, the Canadian Government has introduced powerful immigration programmes for trained manpower, such as Express Entry.

Safety in the Country

The Maple Leaf Country is an extremely safe country. Crime rate is very low and strict actions are taken immediately. Internal conflict is zero, social security is assured. Here, people appreciate ethnic diversity, and Canadian police is highly accountable.


In the life of Canadian people, leisure activities play an important role. People here love to participate in different activities, such as recreational, sports or art festivals. They love to travel and organize various festivals round the year which is attended by a large number of local people.

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