Canada student permit scam could lead to school shutdowns, claim reports

Some reports reveal that the proposal to control and stop overseas students arriving in Canada–on fake student permits–may create a situation wherein many post secondary educational institutions in the country would have no options, except to close their shops.

An offer has been suitably made to make the rules & regulations of the student permits comparatively more stringent. Reportedly, the overseas people arriving on student permit look for a chance to become a part of the nation’s thriving labor market, and also become associated with certain unlawful vocations.

The concerned immigration department, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), is working on a program which allegedly will make it possible for only a certain number of schools of the Maple Country to admit global students even while it could create a situation wherein many schools, for post-secondary, would have to closedown. Thanks to the latest rule, each and every Canadian province will be asked to present a list of duly approved educational institutions. And, permission will be given to only such institutions to list global students.

Meanwhile, an involved person was quoted as saying that as much as 60% of the total numbers of some Canadian schools consists of world students. Such schools may have to shut their shops. He added that nearly 20-25% of the schools depend on the world markets.

In some provinces of Canada–such as the British Columbia (BC)–a post-secondary educational organization requires to get licensed with the PCTIA in case the fee charged for tuition happens to be $1,000 or above even as the course is proffered for over 40 hours. Schools for language, however, require not abiding by any such rules. So, rumors are doing the rounds that the fresh rules would not much affect the business of such schools.

Another concerned person was quoted as saying that the proposed changes would not only positively address the issue of the protection of the rights of the students, but also the position of the nation’s schools in the world market. She added that the government is keen that the overseas students only pursue their studies, and not get involved with other activities in Canada.

Hitherto, the administration had no means whatsoever to exercise control over the development, and it lacked the needed facts on the numbers also. Besides, there was not also any fool-proof course to duly manage the procedure of fake students arriving in the country allegedly for studies, but only to get involved with some other vocation.

In a related development, some experts from the domain have praised the development saying the system would be a better one wherein bogus students would be denied entry into the country even as the educational organizations–which usually welcome such students–would fail to generate money with such students.

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