Canada Permanent Residence–Visa Categories, Benefits

There is no dearth of the applicants who wish to acquire Canada Permanent Residence (PR). If you have acquired the PR status, then certainly you need to celebrate as it is not at all easy to acquire the same and not everyone is lucky enough to get it.

Canada Permanent Residence status gives the full liberty to visa holders to freely live and work anywhere in the country. The applicant may pursue higher studies as well.

Candidates may acquire the PR under following popular streams:

  • Skilled Workers: Aspirants are selected on the basis of their interpersonal skills, such as education, experience, age, language proficiency, and skills. Application is streamlined through Express Entry System. The main objective is to meet the growing demand of skilled workers and to draw the best available talent to the country.
  • Businessman and Investors: Such professionals may get an easy entry in the country provided they have enough funds to invest and an impressive business proposal with the ability to contribute towards the development of the country’s economy. The applicants should also be able to create new job for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) generally welcomes applicants under three categories, such as self employed, investors and entrepreneurs. Each category has its own particular set of requirements.
  • Family Unification: The CIC has a provision for family unification. Canadian citizens or its inhabitants may sponsor a relative provided they successfully meet the certain picturesque set by the CIC.
  • Refugees: The country values human life and is against discrimination, exploitation and oppression. Thus, it welcomes applicants with refugee status. Those who wish to seek the asylum in the country may apply for PR under refugee category.

If a specific province attracts you, and you wish to settle in that specific province than you can certainly opt for Provision Nominee Program (PNP).

How to obtain the PR?

In order to obtain the Canadian PR, applicants are required to meet basic criteria similar under almost all the categories:

  • A pre-health check up and a verification to check the criminal background, if any.
  • A complete visa application with all required documents.
  • Appear for the personal interview with the consulate at the Canadian High Commission.
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay in the nation.
  • Skill assessment and language proficiency.

PR Major Benefits

Permanent Residents gets many rights and benefits to avail with in the country. However, they continue to remain the citizen of their native country.

Canada Permanent Residence offers following benefits to the visa holders:

  • They may live, work or study anywhere in the country.
  • They may easily access social benefits and healthcare facilities.
  • They may choose profession as per their interest.
  • They may travel within and outside the country.
  • They may apply for Canadian Citizenship and sponsor their close relatives.
  • They are well protected as per the Canadian law.
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