Canada Immigration—Time Appropriate for Overseas Land Surveyors

It is official: at the present, qualified Land Surveyors are ‘officially’ wanted in Canada; immigration opportunities are excellent for them. Skilled aspirants are advised to seize the opportunity and move to the nation using their skills. They can rest assured that they will be greeted with open arms and given PR status and this will enable them to enjoy several benefits in the country.

Apart from Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, another red hot career which is pulling the migrants from across the globe is that of Land Surveyor. Land Surveyors are basically the professionals who conduct surveys about the boundaries of natural and man-made features. They even draws plans and creates documents depending on his surveys. Presently, Canada is fighting the shortage of these skilled experts even as it is ready to welcome trained people from across the globe to meet the crisis.

Given this, as mentioned before, it’s perfect time for Canada immigration for such specialists. The aspiring migrant–who has experience in this field and/is looking forward to work and live in the country—would do well to kick start the visa and immigration process.

Under the nation’s fast-track work program, Land Surveyors are given an immediate entry to Canada along with their family and also a full time job opportunity. Via the Canada immigration route the Land Surveyors can gain the prized permanent residency status and take home handsome wages; in fact, over CAD$ 83,000 per annum.

Major Requirements

Any applicant, who wishes to make entry in Canada as a Land Surveyor needs to, however, fulfill some mandatory conditions. To begin with, he must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Geomatics Engineering or a diploma in Survey Science. Along with the said qualifications, it is essential that he has the training and the experience in the field of more than a year. His background should be clean with no criminal cases against his name. It is also vital that he is not a drug addict. Knowledge of English and French languages would boost his credentials, and ease his entry into the prosperous country.

Major Duties

His duty includes surveys pertaining to development of urban and rural sub divisions. He should be able to supervise properties, including national highways and roadways. He ought to be in a position to use the computers to make various designs, manage and analyze the available information for displaying data. An applicant, who can perform all these functions, is eligible to enter Canada under the fast-track work program.

The complete information pertaining to Canada immigration for Land Surveyors can be found under the code 2154.

Job Prospects, Future

According to a recent forecast, Land Surveyors have excellent openings in the field which will continue for at least a couple of years in the future. The professional have many rewarding job opportunities in the construction and managements field also.

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