Canada Immigration Process From India–How to Make It Simple Affair?

Since long India and Canada have shared bilateral relations. Started with only few immigrants, as per some reports, today the Maple Leaf Country has over a million Indian nationals living across various parts of the country, including British Colombia (BC), Toronto and Vancouver.

How to Get Canada PR Visa?

At present for Canada, India acts as the third largest source of immigration and it has one of the largest Indo-Canadian communities spread across the country. Today, when many developed nations have tightened their doors for Indian Immigrants, the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ has shown generosity and continues to welcome Indian immigrants and others with wide arms open.

The beautiful North American country is multi- cultural in nature and is immigrant- friendly. It offers high standard of living, better healthcare facilities, job opportunities, education system, social security and freedom to grow and live a peaceful life. Indian immigrants and others get to enjoy the similar rights as per Canadian citizens with certain restrictions.

How to Make Canada Immigration Process From India Uncomplicated Event

Every year, nearly 30,000 Indian citizens successfully obtain the prized Canadian Permanent Residency and 1000s of new applicants are ready to come to the country. As compared to other nations, for Indian immigrants moving to the destination is relatively easy. The main reason: the long bilateral relations that the two specific nations share and the contribution of Indian immigrants towards Canada’s economic development.

As per Chris Alexander, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) minister, the Canadian government is proud to announce that the country continues to attract skilled works, business people, students, investors and tourists from India. The large number of visas granted to Indian immigrants is an indication of the strong trustworthy bilateral relations that the two countries share.

The CIC has simplified and it fast-tracks its various immigration programmes to expedite visa processing, especially for the skilled workers. If you are wondering how to make Canada Immigration process From India a simple affair, then following are some of the easy ways:

Among many others following are some of the popular immigration programmes–Express Entry System, Provincial Nominees, Business immigration, Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Quebec Immigration Programme for skilled workers and business people.

If you see a bright future for yourself and your family members in the overseas hotspot, then you may move to the country as a temporary or permanent resident.

To make Canada Immigration an easy affair, applicants are required to first decide the reason as to why they wish to move to the country. On the basis of their reason they may file an application for visa. Various visa categories may include skilled worker visa, investment/business visa, student visa and Entrepreneur visa among others.

Thereafter, you may either visit the Canada High Commission/Embassy located in New Delhi, the capital city of India, or if you wish to fast process and easen the complete process, then you may consult a Canada Immigration consultant.

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