Canada Immigration Process for 1212 Supervisors, Finance and Insurance Office Workers Hassle-free Affair

Are you one of the Supervisors, Finance and Insurance Office Workers, and motivated with Canada immigration? If the answer is in the affirmative, you will be more than happy to know that currently professionals like you are needed in Canada under the Code 1212, and so Canada Immigration Process for skilled professionals like you could be a stress-free affair.

No doubt, the Maple Leaf Country is one of the most developed immigration hotspots even as it attracts thousands of immigrants annually. Some immigration observers claim the country is the Number 1 immigration destination worldwide. People with high dreams and professionals aspirations come to the nation and the latter has always given them a warm welcome–especially to those with professional skills.

Currently, many Canadian provinces are facing a serious shortage of supervisors, finance and insurance office workers 1212. Many of theseworking in the country at the present are either about to retire or have been given higher responsibilities in their respective departments.

Significantly, the occupation for Supervisors, finance and insurance office workers 1212 also find mention under the recently announced Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). Trained specialists from the category can fruitfully immigrate to Canada through the given code, and employing their much in demand expertise.

The work profile of these practitioners involves supervising and coordinating the ongoing activities of workers in various fields, such as accounting, payroll, banking, insurance, and collections. Generally, the services of these professionals are hired by banks and other financial establishments, insurance groups, and by other businesses by the private and public sectors.

Major Responsibilities

  • Put into practice effective working procedure.
  • Allocate, coordinate and analyze the work of clerks engaged in various duties.
  • Study work accuracy and authorize routine payments, credits and other financial transactions.
  • Maintain work schedule and procedure.
  • Co-ordinate between different ongoing activities with the various bodies.
  • Resolve work-related problems, prepare and put forward progress report.
  • Offer training to workers whenever needed involving job duties and firm policies.
  • Maintain requisition supplies and materials.
  • Take care that computer systems and equipment work effortlessly and look after their maintenance.

To enter Canada you are required to complete a graduation degree or a diploma–either in bookkeeping or accounting or in any other related subject. Prior experience in the clerical occupation supervised is mandatory and also an added asset.

Some illustrative given titles

  • accounting clerks supervisor
  • Bank clerks supervisor
  • Billing coordinator
  • Billing supervisor
  • Clerks supervisor – bank or financial institution
  • Collection clerks supervisor
  • Collection supervisor
  • Financial accounting supervisor
  • Financial control supervisor
  • Supervisor, financial accounting
  • Supervisor, payroll
  • Supervisor, payroll clerks


The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has given them a golden opportunity to immigrate through the Federal Skilled FSW 2014 Program with a cap of 1000 petitions. All you need to do is score 67 points in the Point Based System.  To meet the growing demand, the program aims to attract skilled professionals from every corner of the world. However if you are motivated with immigration to Canada, you need to fast process your petition.

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