Canada Immigration Not Difficult For Trained Structural Engineers

Canada is a hot immigration destination that has continuously pulled skilled workers from every corner of the world thanks to its thriving economy and its capability to produce new job opportunities for the immigrants who wish to live and work in the country as a permanent or non permanent resident.

Historically, the beautiful North American Country is a result of trans-continental migration. In ancient times it was Asian immigrants, in middle centuries it was European immigrants, and in recent time it is immigrants from almost every part of the world. The country has successfully transformed itself from an unexplored country to the most sought after immigration destination that meets the needs of almost all skilled workers.

Also known as ‘immigrant’s paradise’, it has many sectors, that with time have fully developed into flourishing and fruitful venues of economic prosperity, and the trained workers working in these sectors are successfully reaping a rich harvest of economic stability–both in personal and professional lives. This is the major attraction why a large number of people prefer Canada Immigration.

In recent time, due to more than one reason the country has successfully gained prominence, and in various sectors there is a high dearth of skilled workers; for instance, Structural Engineers are currently in-demand. The country has more than thirty five million inhabitants yet the country does not have the sufficient resources to meet the growing demand.

Thus, it is relatively easy for skilled Structural Engineers to Avail Canada Immigration. Structural Engineering is an integral part of Civil Engineering. As a Structural Engineer the key responsibility of the professionals is to design, develop, analyze, plan and conduct research of structural systems and components in order to achieve set goals and guarantee that the users feel the complete comfort.

They are majorly accountable for the safety, economic, technical and environmental concern but alongside they consider the social and aesthetic factors. At times, they also design machineries, vehicles, medical apparatus and related equipments that require durability and structural endurance. They guarantee that, in terms of safety, their designs meet the set parameters.

As a Structural Engineer if you are interested in Canada Immigration, you must express your interest at the earliest under the Express Entry system–an electronic system and unprecedented act of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Key Requirements

To qualify, you should meet the following requirements:

  1. At least one year experience in related filed.
  2. Fluency in English language, if the applicant is familiar with French language all the more better.
  3. At least Bachelor’s Degree in relevant subject; higher degree is an added advantage.

Of late, the demand of Structural Engineers has gone up in the nation, and if you have you successfully meet the set criteria, then you may easily live and work in Victoria or Ontario region of the country.

As a practicing Structural Engineer, you may always look forward to successfully move to your dream destination and get, on an average, CAD $ 64,815 every year.

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