Canada Immigration–Major Advantages and Visa Options

The ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ has fast emerged as a much sought after immigration destination across the globe. Almost every second migrant comes to the country in the hope of a better career opportunity and a high standard of living along with a peaceful lifestyle.Canada Immigration Visa Online


As the country is immigrant friendly, it is often referred as ‘immigrant paradise’ as well. An immigrant residing will certainly come across hospitable environment and people, an ideal geographical location, highly paid jobs, many rewarding opportunities to invest in the country, and most importantly, a hassle free and easy to understand visa application process.


Canada Immigration—Major Benefits

Following are the top benefits of Canada Immigration:

  • You get an easy opportunity to live and work anywhere across the nation.
  • If you have acquired Permanent Residence (PR) Visa, you may sponsor your family members and relatives.
  • Passport holder gets an easy opportunity to travel visa-free to many countries.
  • Immigrants are offered almost similar rights and freedom at par with its citizens.
  • An easy opportunity to purse higher education.
  • Once you have lived and worked in the country, as a PR for three or more years, you may submit an application for Canadian citizenship and successfully get it provided you fulfill the required conditions.
  • Canadian Government offers financial as well as employment support to the needy.
  • Crime rate in Canada is almost zero even as Ottawa does not tolerate discrimination on any basis.

Why the country is a hot immigration destination?

One key reason why the country is regarded a hot immigration destination is its labor mobility in the country. According to latest competitiveness reports, the ‘World Economic Forum’ has ranked the nation as the seventh most effective labor market.

Canada Immigration—Key Options

For those who are interested in Canada Immigration following are some of the options available:

Express Entry System: As it is too well-known by now, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has introduced the system starting from January 1, 2015. It is one-of-its-kind system ever introduced by the CIC. It provides a fast-track processing of visa application for eligible applicants. The system is a point based, and gives equal opportunity to candidates to score points. Aspirants with highest points are issued an ‘Invitation to Apply (ITA)’ and will get 60 days to claim PR.

International Experience or Holiday Visa: It provides an equal opportunity to travel and work anywhere across the nation, but the visa is granted only to the citizens of those countries which share bilateral youth mobility agreement with the Maple Leaf Country, i.e., Canada.

Caregiver Visa: It is quite popular amongst those who wish to work as a professional Child Caregiver with a local family, or else wish to work as a Caregiver for those in need for medical support. In order to streamline the visa application, all you need is just junior high school education. Still, the competition is cut and throat. Once you have lived and worked in the country for a period of two years as a professional Caregiver, you become eligible to apply for PR, and three years after, as mentioned before, you may apply for Canadian citizenship.

Canada Immigration Consultants

If you wish to relocate to the country, it is highly advisable to consult a well-known and experienced Canada Immigration Consultant although it is not a compulsion. It is a fact that an experienced Canada Immigration Consultant will make your immigration journey smooth and also save your precious time and money.

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  1. Sir,
    I am Satinder Kumar, AGE 61 , B.Sc B.Ed CAIIB, Retired Bank Manager , with 37 years Banking experience , had the wish to apply for suitable visa to CANADA. Kindly guide and advise with complete details including your service charges.

    Satinder Kumar

  2. Hello Satinder,
    Thanks for your comment. Satinder you wont be qualified for the PR process due to the age factor..46 is the last age limit..If any query you can write to me at and we shall help you out.

  3. Yes what is procedure if want to apply for same and wrk as care giver

  4. I just want to apply for PR. I HAVE COMPLETED MY B.E in Computer Engineering. I have 5years 6 months of experience as a lecturer. Currently I am on student visa of New Zealand. What is the possibilities?? I am married and I have a son of 5 years.

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