Canada Immigration Extensively Preferred

The Maple Leaf Country has emerged as an upbeat destination for migrants. The country’s strong growing economy and wide range of career opportunities make it all the more valuable for those who wish to study, work, invest or start a business venture on the Canadian soils. Annually, mainly in search of better livelihood opportunities, 100s of 1000s of people flock to the country. Canada Immigration has become a dream of 1000s of prospective immigrants.

Geographically, located in Northern America, the immigration hotspot tops the chart of widely visited global destinations. Every year, migrants from every corner of the world come to live and work in the country. There are many reasons why people choose to migrate to the Maple Leaf Country over other countries like the US, and the UK.

There are many programs through which Canada Immigration is possible both as a temporary resident and permanent resident, and options under both the categories are as follow:

Some of the visa options that fall under the temporary resident category are as follow:

Canada Express Entry Programs
Canada Express Entry Programs
  • Work visa
  • Sponsoring spouse visa
  • Visitor Visa
  • dependent children visa
  • Student visa
  • Live-in caregiver

Some of the visa options that fall under the permanent resident category are as follow:

  • Self employed visa
  • Independent/ professional category
  • Family sponsor visa

An estimate says that by the end of 2019 the nation’s robust economy and developing industrial sector would roughly require 182,000 skilled workers across various sectors. As per the IT labor market report, it’s difficult to find the local talent to fill the vacant positions. Therefore, the doors of opportunity are wide open for foreign talent. It’s an open opportunity for those who were waiting for such an opportunity to migrate to Canada.

The immigrant-friendly country respects the individuality of each migrant. The unique feature of Canada Immigration is that migrants are allowed to retain their own culture thus making the country ideal for those who are looking for an opportunity to grow yet wish to follow their own culture and values.

Canada–Why A Top Immigration Hotspot?

Some reasons why the Maple Leaf Country is a top immigration destination:

  • Social security and peaceful environment to grow
  • Multiple choices of immigration programmes
  • Growing employment opportunities
  • Social and economic benefits
  • Immigration laws are not stringent
  • Open multicultural market
  • Robust economy
  • Canadian passport holder can easily travel to any major country without acquiring a separate visa

To live their immigration dreams, prospective immigrants should browse through the various immigration programmes offered by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Some of the options available to immigrate to your dream destination are as follow:

Skilled Worker and Professionals: Those prospective immigrants who successfully possess work experience and education qualification and have intention to live and work in Canada.

Skilled Traders: Prospective immigrants with an intention to live and work in the nation permanently provided should successfully clear the trade assessment.

Business Immigration: Potential immigrant who wishes to start a business venture falls under the category; for example, investors, self-employed and entrepreneurs are considered.

Provincial Nominees Programme: Especially designed to meet the demand of provinces /territories. If an applicant is invited/sponsored by a province/territories, then it’s an easy cakewalk for you to immigrate.

Summary: Canada Immigration is widely preferred. The country has become quite popular and people from every corner of the world wish to live and work on its soils.

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