Canada Immigration Beckons Petroleum Engineers

Are you a skilled Petroleum Engineer and motivated to immigrate overseas? If yes, then why not consider Canada, also known as the Maple Leaf Country and the Land of Milk and Honey. It is presently looking for skilled professionals like you even as some of the leading Canadian cities, like Toronto and Winnipeg, offer excellent opportunities for such professionals.

Immigration is a centuries old phenomenon. When migrants immigrate they consider many factors, such as economy, benefits, pay package, crime rate, and future prospects, and if the nation in question is immigrant- friendly and suitable to bring along their family. The Maple Leaf Country has all and more.

It encourages foreign skilled professionals to live and work in the country and they can also bring along their family members. Its economy is developed, crime rate is low and the benefits and the pay package offered to experts excellent.

If you are a trained Petroleum Engineer and have made up your mind to move to the country, then certainly you have taken the right decision. Canada Immigration for Petroleum Engineers is most beneficial immigration process and is easy.

Consult the nearest Canada Immigration consultant and streamline your application through Express Entry System–an initiative of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) introduced to draw skilled professionals like you.

Petroleum Engineers–Key Job Responsibilities

  • Conduct research in order to develop new gas and oil fields.
  • Keep an eye on the drilling operations in concern with oil and gas.
  • Check the assessment of wells, well surveys and well testing.
  • Initiative drilling programs, specify drilling fluids, select sites and drill stem testing equipments and procedures.
  • Choose the right artificial lift machinery, equipments and systems used for well and surface production and specify programs for oil and gas treatment.
  • Design and develop the installation of subsea methods as well as continue and administer the operation of the same.
  • Their knowledge of oil and gas drilling helps them direct reservoir’s production.
  • Advise oil gas techniques which extend the monetary life of a well, they also watch and forecast gas and oil reservoir.

They are often referred under alternative titles, such as Drilling and Recovery Engineer, Subsea Engineer, Offshore Drilling Engineer, Petroleum Engineer, Well Logging Engineer and Oil and Gas Drilling Engineer.

Petroleum Engineer–Some Important Facts

  • The medium package that such professionals earn is CAD$ 93,500 with time which may go up to CAD$ 1, 60,000.
  • It is expected that the demand of such professionals will reach to its highest peak by the end of 2020.
  • The opportunities will rise because of growth in the industry and increase in retirement rate.
  • The expansion of mining and oil extraction sector will also help in increasing the demand of such experts.


Certainly, for Petroleum Engineers immigrating to the Maple Leaf Country is a right decision to take. For complete immigration procedure and in-depth information about the occupation, visit the official website of the CIC.

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