Canada Immigration Beckons Electronics Engineers

Many people immigrate mainly because they wish to become economically sound. There are many countries which encourage skilled workers to live and work in their specific areas. Australia, the US, Poland, Denmark…these are just some of the nations that are popular among immigrants.

If you are skilled, possibilities are unlimited for you. And if you are a skilled Electronic Engineer, then you have a great career abroad, especially in Canada. Also known as the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’, it is located in North America and is famous for thousands of reasons.

To mention a few, it has a developed economy and offers many opportunities, is less populated, crime rate is under control, it offers high standard of living, and social benefits are attractive. You will experience the rest yourself when you successfully move to the nation.

Canada Immigration Electronics Engineers–NOC 2133

Such professionals are responsible of designing, planning and evaluating. They also test electronic systems and equipments and carry out research. The services of such professionals are extremely demanded by companies which make electronic equipments and various consulting firms. They also develop hardware integrated software used in household appliance.

The intense demand is mainly due to high retirement rate or annual promotion at higher designation, few such professionals also prefer to change their domain out of personal interest. The increase in demand of electronic products is also the main reason of the increase in the demand of such professionals.

Such experts have many options. They can easily be employed in wide range of sector. Following are just some examples: radio and satellite communication, defence, robotics, acoustics and nanotechnology.

These experts are known as:

  • engineer, electronics
  • electronics engineer
  • electronics research engineer
  • chief electronics engineer
  • control systems engineer
  • roadway lighting design engineer
  • audio engineer
  • television systems engineer
  • design engineer, electronics
  • instrumentation and control engineer
  • avionics engineer

Key Duties

They are responsible for the complete working of a project–from initial stage to design development stage and test the prototype and execute the improvements. Their duties may vary. Their major responsibilities include:

  • Write proposal and thrash out the same with the client and work on suggestions.
  • In collaboration with other colleagues, plan and build up new systems, devices and circuits, and improve existing designs & technology.
  • Test theatrical designs and technical reports and specifications.
  • Plan the working of a project and get ready complete budget.
  • Attend meetings with venders and sub contractors and take follow up with the client.
  • Supervise and monitor the working of staff such as craftspeople, and technicians.
  • Update themselves with latest technical developments.
  • Confirm safety measures are met successfully.

Qualifications Required

An ideal candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering. In certain instances, on the job training may be required. For higher designation, a Master’s Degree or a PhD is ideal. Besides, you are also required to obtain a license from the designated regulatory body.


Canada immigration for Electronics Engineers is a good decision. You can easily process your application once you have consulted a Canada Immigration Consultant.

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