Canada Express Migration & Comprehensive Ranking System

Canada has always been the Number 1 immigration destination for most wishful migrants. It’s the numerous benefits that the destination bestows on the guests that fuel the immigration from across the globe. To bring talented and skilled aspirants to the country, Canada Express immigration rules have been made simpler and more flexible.

Express Entry

To manage the immigration process efficiently, this system was started on January 1, 2015.It is regarded as one of the swiftest entries as it takes very less time to complete the formalities. Moreover, no specific work experience or special skills are expected from the applicants. A candidate applies with his qualities and the skills he possesses. His education also helps him get selected from the talent pool and obtain nomination from the Canadian territory or province.

Canada Express Entry
Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry Migration through Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)

Under it, the points an applicant got for his job offer have been now changed. Now he gets 200 points for obtaining a job offer. He also gets 50 points for any other NOC either A or B job offers. He also gets additional points if has completed or studied in any of the Canadian high schools. If he obtains a one or two year diploma or degree he gets 15 points. If he has diploma or degree of 3 years or above, then he gets 30 points.

Express Entry works on the criteria of the talent pool where upon the applicant manages to get nominatedfor the federal or provincial government. If he is not selected by any of it, then his application is put in the Job Bank from where upon he gets nomination from a Canadian employer. The applicant is assigned certain points and the chances of the creamy layer of getting cherry-picked stand higher. The one with higher scores are invited to apply for the immigration.

The CRS is entirely based uponthe points system which is used to assess the applicants. It works on the information submitted by the candidate. He is assessed on the following basis-

  • Employment experience
  • Language proficiency
  • Education and
  • Skills

Under the CRS, the candidate gets points out of 1200 and there 4 categories on which he is judged upon.

They are-

  1. His skills and work experience–The work experience that adds on to economic growth is more likely to get higher points.
  2. Spouse skills and educations–The skills of spouse are also accounted for and if it shows better economic success they definitely gets more points.
  3. Joint skills–The joint skills of both the partners promises better chances of getting employment, and they are likely to escalate their chances of immigration.
  4. Additional points for nomination–The applicant who has managed to seize a nomination from a Canadian employer or has a valid job offer or Canadian degree or diploma are more likely to get cherry-picked under Express Entry.

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