Canada Express Entry—A Brief Summary

With the announcement of the Express Entry System, it was strongly anticipated that with time the system will turn out to be unprecedented. As the year began, the system has successfully developed new initiative for migrants, especially for skilled workers. The system was streamlined by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)–an official Canadian governing body.

The main aim of the Canada Express Entry System is to meet the growing demand of skilled workers across the country, except Quebec. The system is one-of-its-kind and manages applications for various Federal Economic Programmes. Canada Express Entry will facilitate easy moment, and through lucky draws, at different times of interval, will select as many as 1, 80,000 applicants to become the Permanent Residents of the Maple Leaf Country.

What is Express Entry System?

It is a point based electronic programme, introduced on a similar line of that managed by Australia and New Zealand. Each applicant is selected on the basis of his factors such as age, education, language proficiency and experience.

The system has completely simplified the complete immigration process. It is no longer considered a tedious task; instead an easy cakewalk for potential applicants. And the most noteworthy factor is that the complete processing takes place within just six months, thereafter you are the Permanent Resident of the Maple Leaf Country.

Another major feature that makes the system stand apart from other is that it welcomes applicants from different walks of life. The only requirement is that your occupation should be listed on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

How the system works?

It has two major steps: the first step is to create an online profile. You are required to simply answer a series of questions that will help the CIC to find-out if you are eligible for any of the economic programmes. If you meet the eligibility criteria of any of the programmes, you will enter the Express Entry Pool.

The second step includes undergoing Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) assessment test where you will be assessed on the basis of your human capital.  You will get a chance to score up to 1200 points. Applicants with high points will be issued an Invitation to apply for the PR, and will have maximum 60 days to claim the PR online.

Candidates with prior job offer or provincial/territorial nomination are likely to get preference and are likely to score 600 points extra. However, those without either of the aforementioned may register themselves the Canada Job Bank–an initiative of the Canadian government to create a link between the employer and the seeker. The system is cap-free though the number of draws has been restricted to 24 annually.

To maintain the integrity of the system, the CIC has left no stones unturned to penalize those who misrepresent them. Depending on the severity of the act, you may be given a penalty of up to five years of inadmissibility along with probation of five years from applying for the PR status.

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