Canada Express Entry–A Quick Look

Canada Express Entry
Canada Express Entry

The much talked about and the widely used Canada Express Entry is an entirely electronic procedure involving the federal administration of the Maple Leaf Country, the nation’s different provincial administrations, and Canadian recruiters/firms.

It is basically a tool that helps the potential immigrants to easily get the prized Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada. Immigrants are chosen as per their specific skills and ability to settle in the Canada by participating in their economy.

The new system has been launched in order to operate how the applicants, with enough skills and work experience, apply to immigrate to Canada.

Under the programme, qualified candidates of different spheres are asked to offer their profile to an Express Entry Pool and also to the Job Bank of Canada. And the employers residing across the Maple Leaf Country usually review the job profiles submitted at the Job Bank (Canada) and offer appointment letters to the selected candidates.

The candidates, who have got the approved appointment letter or been chosen by a province or given a nomination, are likely to be considered as a ‘match’, and will be welcomed to apply for the PR of Canada.

The remaining candidates will be put in a queue for further consideration, even without any sponsor or any employer. Everything matters, such as from age, qualification, etc. And depending upon their age, qualifications, as well as experience and other factors, these candidates will be placed in a queue for further consideration of their potential contribution (human capital) to the nation.

Those who receive an invitation must apply within 60 days. A person can stay in the pool for a maximum of 1 year. Applicants must have lots of patience to get selected or placed in the high ranked profiles.

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